Afraid in the dark!? and my first solo thru-hike!

Most women tend to love the luxery of a modern way of life… A fancy kitchen, a big bathroom, a well designed garden. I must admit I do love a warm place and a hot shower too, but I love being outdoor even more.
Living on one of the biggest camel farms in Germany, situated in the middle of the woods, allows me to live a life close to nature.
At the age of 15 I started travelling the world… Chile, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and most parts of Europe. I’ve ran a marathon and drove my bike over the alps, climbed mountains, rocks and volcanos, crawled through caves… Nothing big, nothing too extreme… I never took it far enough to really push my limits… Up to yesterday!
Yesterday I slept in the woods all by myself for the first time in my life! You might start laughing now… Crazy woman doing outdoor sports being afraid in the dark! Well actually…yeah…it freaks me out, knowing boars and deer might say hello in the middle of the night and I am not able to really see them.
An average woman (well in fact there are no average women, so consider it to be a way of speaking) would now ask: “Why the hell sleep in the woods all alone?” She does have a point there… Is there a use of sleeping in the woods on your own? There is… if you want to solo thru-hike the John Muir Trail next summer!
So that’s the plan: Flying into San Fransisco on the 19th of August, walking the trail in about 21 to 24 days, flying back to Frankfurt on the 20th of September.
And that is exactly why I’m starting to sleep in the woods on my own, as along the John Muir Trail I’ll be sleeping alone in the wilderness too. I hope that if I face my fear often enough, by the time I start the trail, I’ll feel comfortable sleeping out there all by myself, even if there are black bears wandering around.
My Walkingwomad-blog will document my experiences in preparing for my first solo thru-hike. Other womads might find it useful or might have some woman-tips for me.  To all men out there: You guys are welcome to read, comment and discuss! All (fellow bloggers, lightweight hikers and others) do be patient with me… I’m learning as I walk!

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