Western Mountaineering Antelope Super MF

Allrightyyy… So I decided to swap my WM Apache Super MF for an WM Antelope. I used the Apache just on its own (no bivy, no extra bag, just a silk liner inside) at about 5°C and I was cold! Not really freezing, just cold… I guess I’m a really really cold sleeper… As the temperatures on the JMT might drop below freezing in September nights I decided the Apache wouldn’t be enough to keep me warm.
So I got in contact with sackundpack.de and I must say they responded really friendly! I really can recommend www.sackundpack.de!!! Great service, great stuff!!!
The WM Antelope Super MF do is a bit heavier (logically as being filled with 735g of down instead of 535g compared to the Apache). It comes at 1275g. Thus 300g heavier than the Apache but hopefully keeping me warm.
Following description can be found on the Western Mountaineering homepage: “When the Sierras or the Rockies are your usual destinations and you need the maximum protection from your 3-season bag, leave nothing to chance with our Antelope. Its roomy 62″ shoulder girth allows for comfort and the 7″ loft from 26 ounces of high lofting down provides warmth to 5°. The security of this bag is sealed with a full 3-Dimensional down filled collar and a robust draft tube. While extremely weather resistant the MicroLite XP™ shell retains maximum breathability and its down filled collar is sewn with MicroLite XP™ fabric. These Antelopes take over in early spring and last through late fall. At a total weight of 2 lbs. 7 oz., they are the most substantial 3-season bag available. They are also available in 5’6″ length.”

I’m now thinking of buying my tent (I might get a Tarptent Notch) and a lightweight cooking system (TrailDesigns Caldera Keg-F Stove System – even though in the future I want to experiment in making my own alcohol stove) at sackundpack.de

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