OR Helium II jacket

This morning I’ve been testing my new Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket… with the Montane Fireball Smock underneath. Quite an expensive combi… :cP
Weather: Snowing
Temps: about 0°C
Some wind
Equiped with a Canon Eos I wanted to take pictures of some deer. And although I spotted them I could’nt get a decent pic. Instead a nuthatch came along to pose…

Back to the clothes: As expected the OR Helium II Jacket kept me completely dry and as long as I kept moving the Fireball Smock did it’s job. Yet waiting for some deer to cross my lens (and thus keeping still for about 30 minutes) I did start to feel a bit cold… I guess the Fireballs intention is to keep someone warm whilst moving, even when the smock is getting wet… And of course even Size S is way too big for me, but there isn’t a women’s version of the fireball smock!!! HEY! We womads do not like that! I guess I’m gonna keep it anyway, it’ll have to do! It’s one of the lightest primaloft jackets you can get, and as I don’t wanna take a down jacket (if it gets wet, my insulation layer would be kinda gone!)… Anyway, I can imagine it keeping me warmer while wearing some sort of merino base layer or a Patagonia cap 4 hoody under it. (today, I wore a longsleeve cotton tshirt from Quetchua).

I know, I look kinda tired in this pic… The thing is… I am… :cP
Still happy with my Montura pants I bought about 1,5 years ago. Yet those Quetchua boots are no good for my cold cold feet!

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