A puddle of gold?

I’ve been going through my posts and I noticed, I’m writing more about gear than I’d like… It seems like I have a bottomless pond filled with gold, always buying gear,…

I guess nothing is less true… I’m a poor lonesome cowgirl a long long way from home… Poor? As far as it comes to that bottomless pond: yes. As far as it comes to my heart: I’m the richest girl on the planet… and thankfull every single day! Mother earth is taking good care of me!!!

I actually just quit my job a few weeks ago (social worker in child care service) so the pond is stopped being filled… It actually never was a pond… I’d call it a tiny puddle… from which I saved all the last bits in order to buy my gear :c)

Anyway, I’m gonna try to stop writing about what I bought or didn’t buy (no money left anyway ;c) but focuss more on the JMT, my mental preparation,…

A part of my mental preparation is learning to play the ukulele well. As I intend to take it with me on the trail. Last week I finally weighed it.. It comes at 460g and now I am convinced I definitely want to take it along. That is gonna be 460g of pure joy, of new trail songs, of singing the beauty of nature out loud! I can’t wait to hit the trail, set camp and start playing and singing in the middle of the wilderness :c)

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