Well well I’m not doing much walking these days… Having an injury I try to move as little as possible (turns me crazy!)…  Yet forced to sit still I do find it easier to concentrate on my final paper for Animal Assisted Therapy…

Anyway caught up in writing my paper I forgot to mention: I GOT MY WILDERNESS PERMIT!!!!

My first try was kind of depressing as I received an email at night saying: Sorry, all of your requested options were rejected :c(
Luckely the guys (AND women of course but I tend to call all people “guys”…. jee and this is a womads blog?)  from the JMT-yahoo-group helped me out and told me to call the office and try to get an alternative permit. It was 11pm and I was like: “O my o my… now I should phone to America and talk English and what if the ranger doesn’t understand me?” Anyway, as I didn’t really want to rely on a walk-in permit, I had to call… So I typed the phonenumber in my skypeaccount and the phone started ringing…. What a relief to experience a really friendly ranger on the other side. As soon as he heard I’m from Belgium, he started chatting that he’d been in Leuven (where I’ve studied) several times… To make a long story short: I ended up having an Happy Isles -> Illilouette Permit and a boost of confidence (yey, my English turned out to be …well… rather good :c)
Now having a permit in my pocket (including a Half Dome permit) I was more relaxed and finally could go to sleep.

Still the next morning I thought I’d give it another go and once again I faxed the office with my 3 favorite trailhead options… I crossed my fingers and went off for an education weekend in animal assisted therapy… Sitting at the bar in the evening with my fellow students I asked one of them (well her name is Joy and I must say checking my emails on her mobile brought me real JOY!) if I could use her mobile in order to check my emails whether a permit was granted or not…. I opened my inbox and the email title said: Reservation confirmation! I opened it and read:

This confirms your reservation, made on 03/07/2013, for a wilderness permit for the following trip. 

Permit ID: 03595
Entry Date: 08/23/2013
Entry Trailhead: Happy Isles->Little Yosemite Valley
Exit Date: 09/19/2013
Exit Trailhead: Whitney Portal
Number in Party: 1
Number hiking Half Dome: 1
Number of Stock: 0

Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! After reading those few lines I jumped up from my seat and started dancing!!! YEAH they were all looking at me like as if I was CRAZY…. In fact I was… crazy of JOY!!!!

So this is what’s gonna happen:
I’m gonna fly into Frisco on the 19th of August, buy my food, prep and send my resupply boxes (and if possible playing a bit of tourist) on the 20th and 21st. On the 22nd I’ll be off heading to Yosemite and collecting my permit! AND FINALLY… I’m gonna hit the trail on the 23th of August! It’s gonna be one fucking exciting day… with many wonderfull exciting days to follow!!!

I’m so much looking forward to this I could just jump on a plane right now (and that means quite a lot as I’m terrified flying airplanes!!!)

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