My first MYOG: a UKU-BAG!!!

As you might have read in my previous posts I’m intending to bring my ukulele along on the trail. My parents gave it to me as a christmasgift and right now I’m learning how to play it. Actually it’s rather easy, even though the chords aren’t the same like playing the guitar. Several songs have been born in the last couple of months and quite some more should follow while I’m on the trail.

Anyway… where to pack that little instrument of joy while hiking the JMT?
Well well…. it’s time for my FIRST MYOG!!!! 
Hahaha! No… it’s nothing gonna be like sewing my own tarp or quilt or backpack…. It’s gonna be like: sewing a lightweight bag/cover for my ukulele haha!

So I decided I wanna make it out of a “car window cover up blanket against ice and snow” (ok, I’m sure there is an english word for that, except that I don’t know it and this was the closest to it I could get ;c)…

I might just better post some pictures, as my english skills are kinda lacking when it comes down to writing about turning a “car window cover up blanket agains ice and snow” into a lightweigt UKUBAG!


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