In the footsteps of John Muir

O those footsteps of John Muir… they are big so big! So actually my little footprints should fit in just fine :c)

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

Am I searching or am I not? Am I not just walking my path of life and trusting that what crosses my road is meant to be, letting me be(come) who I really am, shaping my self, exploring my gift and sharing it with the world?
So why did I decide to walk the John Muir Trail? I guess there are lots of reasons. One of them is my deep wish to feel save being alone with noone else around except for mother nature and her wild creatures. I feel a longing to become a part of the landscape, to be the landscape, to be the tree, to be the deer, to be the bear, to be nothing more than the animal I really am, to be no more no less than nature itself. Isn’t it that what I was born for, isn’t it that what my true nature is?
Am I seeking? I probably am… Aren’t we people always seeking? For answers to questions we maybe shouldn’t ask. I’m seeking for confidence and I’m seeking for trust, to be able to stand up and live my life to the fullest, to be able to discover my own special gift to this world, not to be blinded by the neon lights of society… O I’m thankful so thankful to be born on this beautiful world, that mother earth gave me sensitiveness to be able to feel what eyes can’t see.

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