Tarptent Notch

Some time ago I ordered the Tarptent Notch (with the partial solid liner) at sackundpack.de. Yet I haven’t had the chance to pitch it… Well mainly because of the lack of trekking poles (borrowed some from a friend now till I buy my own) and because of the humid weather… But today the sun came out and temperatures were actually above zero (wuhuuu), so today was the day… for pitching and seamsealing…

What I learned while pitching it two times:

  • Search for an even spot (yeah you don’t want a mole trying to come out exactly where you are trying to sleep, or you don’t wanna put your trekking pole into a mole hole either… yeah that is sort of what I did whoops)
  • Make sure your trekking poles are long enough (first time I probably adjusted them too short and the fabric on the “roof” -between to two poles- somehow wasn’t tight)
  • adjust the guylines after pitching 

Anyway I guess I still have to give it some more goes before it’ll be pitched perfectly… Somehow the inner fabric still touches the outer fabric… gonna have to look into that…

Seamsealing was kind of… a lot of work…. I had bought silnet silicone in a tube “ready to use”. So I took a brush and started on the inside (rather uncomfy), followed by “painting” all the seams on the outside… It took me quite some time… Luckely the sun was shining and I had a hearty sandwich afterwards, laying next too (no didn’t want to go inside as the sun was shining, which hasn’t happened in the last two months) my new tarptent notch… happy and content… Even Phoebe (my cat) and Maya (the dog) came to have a closer look…

After about 5 hours I thought the silicone should be dry by now… but no no… still a bit sticky and it was getting dark and cold and damp… and I wanted to take my tent inside… But being all sticky that didn’t seem to be such a good idea… Anyway along with the silnet silicone there was an explanation that said sticky is normal and that I should put talkum powder on it before folding my tent (otherwise it could stick together… I don’t want that!!!)… So that’s what I did… afterwards it looked like as if someone’s used tooooo much talkum powder… but it ain’t sticky no longer… :c)
And now my new (well not anymore-certainly doensn’t look like that with the talkum all over it) tarptent notch is hanging all over my tiny bedroom and I hope the silicone dries out over night (didn’t want to fold it yet, even with the talkum powder)…

So tomorrow….. I’m gonna spend my first night in the Notch…. wuhuu looking forward to that!!!

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