Finally… Shoeeeeeees!

Finally I found a pair of trailrunners that fit my wide feet. I ordered the Brooks Cascadia 7 (though there is an 8-version out already… the 7 was about 40euros cheaper ;c) at All other brands somehow are too narrow and just didn’t feel comfy. But as soon as I got my feet into the Cascadia, I felt like:Yes, finally! Don’t know why I didn’t order some Brooks earlier. After all my marathon shoes were from Brooks too. It was a friend who remembered me of the fact that Brooks shoes are wider than others…

I’ve been giving it long thoughts whether I should give trailrunners a go or not. I’ve always been the type of hiker walking with her heavy Meindl leatherboots on. Actually just due to not knowing that one can hike the mountains in trailrunners. I must admit I’m still slightly sceptical but I’m gonna give it a try. I mainly worry about spraining my ankle. By the end of the day my concentration tends to lessen and I tend to twist my ankles. Though I’m not sure whether high top boots are the correct solution to that problem or not. A better way to deal with it might ratherbe to stop walking as soon as I notice my decreasing concentration and break camp… Or have a rest and a snack….

Well actually last weekend for the first time in my life I hiked with trekking poles and I totally liked it. I think these might offer me some stability too and help prevent twisting my ankle…

Anyway… I’m totally curious about my trailrunners experiment. I want to make sure they’re well worn before I hit the trail in Yosemite NP… O o it’s gonna be an adventure!!!

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