During the last few days my brother and his girlfriend came over for a visit. We had a lovely time together, mostly spend outdoors (of course I took them for a llamatrekking) or around the dinnertable with a nice bottle of red wine :c)

I tested my new shoes and they instantly felt comfortable. Well and last week I slept in my Tarptent Notch for 4 nights. I’m still having a bit of a problem getting a taut pitch so that the inner liner won’t touch the outer fabric. One night, some drops came down from the “ceiling”, not because of the rain (it was raining quite hard) but due to condensation and the inner and outer wall touching.
I also have to get some extra stakes for loose soil as the stakes that came with the tent rather are for firmer soil. So after a day of rain, the soil was totally soaked and very loose and my Notch was down down down… Ah well still got a bit of learning and training to do ;c)


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