Humour from the Northeast

Not many people will understand the title of this post. Unless they are familiar with the 8 Shields Model created by Jon Young. The model builds upon natural cycles we encounter in and around us, such as the “moving” of the sun in the sky, the mooncycles, the seasons, our heartbeat,… and it can be used as some sort of “compass of life” giving direction.
Some friends and I call this model “the holy cookie”, divided into 8 pieces which are all needed in order to create the perfect cookie!
Natural cycles have been “used” by mankind way back in history (and are still used today) to give the chaos of daily life some bit of sense. Well, “used” is definitely the wrong verb, as those cycles are actually just there and we can decide whether we want to orient our lifes to them or not. As for me I found that orientating to the natural cycles gives way more sense to my life than orientating to what society claims to be right.

The title of this post refers to the direction of the Northeast, which is the piece of the cookie I like the most of all. It is the first bite AND the last at the same time!! It stands for a certain quality where all comes together, it’s the beginning and it’s the end. Without there wouldn’t be an inbetween. When looking to the natural cycles it defines a moment in the middle of the night, where darkness makes the eyes go blind yet forces the heart to see more clearly. It is the moment in which new ideas are born, like a seed planted by the universe. It is the coldest day in winter, where the landscape is covered in snow and makes the mind go quiet, yet at the same time protects the warmest thoughts, preparing to release them when snow starts to melt. It is the ultimate moment of connection with the bigger spirit, the ultimate state of awareness and the ultimate feeling of gratefulness!!! At the same time it is a direction filled with humour and good laughter. At the darkest (which shouldn’t be seen as a negative quality!) moments of the day, of the year or in our souls, a good laugh may break the heaviness (well more likely it brakes the “lightness” as some features of the Northeast tend to pick one up from the earth for a dwell through the land of spirits) or the akwardness (some people feel really uncomfortable when the Northeast takes its turn) and puts one with its both feet back on the ground. Some “down to earth”-laughing completes the Norhteast-quality. No spirit without flesh, no heaven without earth!!! Living my life in the Northeast means being grounded, standing like a tree rooted in the earth, and at the same time growing high into the sky, hearing the subtle voices of the winds coming from all directions, having a chat with the spirits and now and then experiencing a glimpse of heaven.

Now it is funny what made me write about the Northeast in this blog. It actually was a thread over at Backbackinglight which made me think of it. While reading it through, it felt so obvious, that once in a while everyone needs some lighthearted laughter and some fooly jokes, some ridicul, some crazyness, some mocking…. The thread is full of this quality, yet not all readers seem to understand it. Anyway I had a terribly good laugh!!! If you wanna laugh along, go to:
ENJOY!!! Hahaha!

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