Gear list video

Wuhuuu… So the 19th of August is getting nearer and I am getting more and more excited. I still have some preps to do, yet my gear list is almost complete. Due to the fire restrictions I’m still doubting ’bout whether I should take my alcohol-stove or rather go with a gas canister stove. One of the moderators of the JMTyahoo group offered me to borrow his daughters jet boil (thank you John!!!) so I might go with that.

I just made a little gear list video that I wanna share with you… (Don’t mind my English, it should get better again once I hit the trail and have some english conversations ;c)
I made the video with the camera I’m gonna take along. It’s a Canon Powershot G15.

4 thoughts on “Gear list video

  1. Haha Wildnisdaniel! Happy to get a comment :cP No not sure… Not sure at all! I've tried them in winter over that pair of patagonia liner gloves… Guess they function well as a VBL, which would mean they give warmth (or rather keep my bodies warmth trapped inside)but in the same time wouldn't allow my sweat to get out. Result: wet hands… O well… I should probably just ditch them (or put them in my EH-kit hahaha) and go with a pair of cheap fleece gloves ;c)


  2. The good Thing is they are not havy 12 gr is not realy something to worry about 😀 and if you are getting really cold maybe tey work. Never the less they are really usefull to skin a Bear or Deer if you are hungry or use them to kleen your wounds…so I guess I would take some too in my EH-kit.


  3. Hahaha! Just weighed them (cuz I was like: Did he guess the weight or does he too have them in his ULkit???) and they weigh EXACTLY 12 fucking gramms!!!!!! Hahaha! Yeah I'll surely put them on to 1. clean my wounds after I had a bearbattle (which I won… of course!) and 2. to skin the bear and have a hearty dinner…. We'll see whether I come back as a meat-eater or not…. (In case the bear ate me, I won't come back, and those 12gr gloves won't have helped me either… whoops!)


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