What do you have in that backpack???

This time next month I’ll be in the air with the A380 (jihaaa… I always – well I mean since it’s on the market haha- wanted to fly that plane) heading to San Francisco.
Though my overall fitness is quite ok I probably should intensify my training. I mainly have to get used to carrying a heavier backpack. Even though I attemp to go ultralight (and I must say I can’t complain about my Base Pack Weight!!!) the amount of food, the bear canister and the water I have to haul along on the JMT will make my pack not the lightest one on the planet! As I am currently having my gear nicely ordered in a separate room (just to have a decent overview – as you could see in my gear video) I didn’t want to put it in my backpack for training. So I had to come up with another backpackfilling weight…. I looked at my cat, I looked at her toilet and then there it was: cat litter hahaha (unused… of course!!!). I put the 12kg bag into my backpack and off I went… Hahaha hauling cat litter through the forest… Good that my backpack isn’t transparent!

I noticed I still have a bit of difficulties finding the most comfortable way of carrying my GoLite Pinnacle. Being a frameless backpack (well actually there is a bit of foam at the backside, yet that doesn’t give much support or padding) it seems extremely important to pack it a certain way. Ok now one must say: there just ain’t no decent way to pack cat litter…. I’ll just blame it on that. I guess I’ll find out the best way to pack it once I hit the trail and it’ll be just me and my pinnacle… We’ll work it out!

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