Keep the spirit up!

I came across this video today and even though the weather was rather marvelous outside I just had to watch it.

High Sierra – A journey on the John Muir Trail

After watching I had kind of mixed feelings. A part of me was like: “Jihaaa, I just can’t wait to be out there!!!” Yet the other part went like this: “O damn, am I gonna make it? Do I realize what I got myself in to?”
Those boys did seem to struggle quite a bit. And they still had eachother to keep their spirits up… As for me it’s just gonna be me out there. Of course I’m gonna meet other hikers and I’m really not the shy type of person afraid to socialize, but still… Who or what is gonna keep my spirit up when I have a struggle?

Now I must say I do am the kind of person who likes a bit of adventure and a good bit of challenge in her life, and I’d probably rather die than give up easily (ok as a way of speaking… yeah mom, I’m gonna use my brain out there… and no, I’m not gonna do anything stupid… I’ve drawn all escape routes onto my maps… ;c)
Guess the only way to go is to trust my body, my brain, my heart and my soul… And not to forget (well actually most of all!) the big SPIRIT out (and in) there!!! O I’ll be just fine. And if not, I’ll start crying… for a minute or so and then I’ll keep on going… On foot in front of the other… cuz that’s what my mommy taught me :c)

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