When I was a kid like every other girl I kept a secret diary. Yeah one of those with horses on the front and a lock at the side. The key was well kept in a tiny box on my bedside table. In fact I had several diaries throughout my childhood and each time I started a new one I had the good intention of writing in it every single day… Sure that’s not what happened. I wrote in it for a few days and after about a week or so I would throw it in a dusty corner of my bedroom and forget all about it.

I copied John Muirs self portrait onto the first page of my journal.

Now that I’m grown up (well sort of) I don’t do diaries. I do this freakin’ blog haha. Though there do is one exception!
I actually love journaling whilst travelling through unknown countries, never seen landscapes and enjoying the womad way of life. I started it when I first travelled to Chile at the age of 15. Since then quite some journals were born at different corners of this beautiful mother earth…. Somehow whilst travelling life seems much more exciting and I feel as if I have to write down my experiences so that my memory won’t fade as fast as usual. I collect receipts, notes, wraps from sweets and cookies and stuff and I stick them onto pages of small books which fastly become way thicker than planned for.

Lately I’ve been inspired by the journals of Kolby Kirk aka The Hike Guy. As I first started “investigating” about the PCT a few years ago, I came across the marvelous journals he wrote and draw during his PCT thru-hike. Go check his websites and! He’s quite an inspiration!
For my JMT I decided I wanna do some drawing myself too, so today I made my small painting-kit with tiny water colour pencils. Really curious whether I’m actually gonna use them or not. I guess I will. If no songs come to my mind, maybe I’ll be in for some drawing and painting… Some way or another creativity has to find its way out!

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