Going alone!

I have no idea what I could possibly write about today (haha I wrote the title after I finished this post ;c). Though I find myself in front of the computer cuz writing this blog makes me feel closer to my big adventure. I’m getting excited BIG time and I feel like it’s time to go, it’s time to hit the trail and make it happen. I’m reading through Beth’s blog again and I’m inbetween laughing and crying all the time. The way she writes about her JMTadventure is so heartwarming, honest and genuine, that she touches my heart more than once.

John Muir

Just like Beth I’m going solo (well Beth went solo till MTR and then a friend joined her). MY FIRST BIG SOLO ADVENTURE!!! YEAH!!!! I turned 30 last year and that somehow pushed me to say: “Go girl, you’re to be taken serious, hit that freakin trail on your own. No need to wait for someone to fulfill your dreams!!!” I guess it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Though I’m not sure if I’m gonna be so confident about that once I’m on the trail. Anyway at this very moment I feel deeply satisfied with my decision and only the idea that I might make it to Whitney Portal all on my own gives me a damn big boost of confidence…. I’M GONNA FULFILL MY DREAM!

I actually can’t remember when I first started dreaming of hiking the JMT. As a little girl I dreamt of climbing Mount Everest. Haha. Yeah I’m sure I could do that if I’d still wanted it. 20 years later I do not really feel eager to climb that mountain, I do wanna see it some time but I don’t have to climb it.
I guess I first stumbled across the JMT while reading about the Triple Crown. I knew about the Appalachian Trail but when I read about the Pacific Crest Trail, I was like: “One day, I’m gonna hike that trail!!!”
Back then I was a student and still before I graduated I got a job offer that I said yes to. Not even finished my thesis and I was in the job already… The job sucked like hell, took all my energy and I forgot about my dream. Yeah I did tell a friend about it but he was like:”Wow that’s boring, just hiking, moving so slow. I’d never wanna do that.”
After just half a year I quit that job (praise the fuckin’ lord!!!) and I did some serious thinking: “Is this how you wanna live your life???” I had a bit of a struggle till I concluded: “No no no, this is not how you are gonna live!!! It’s time to listen to your heart, it’s time you stop being smart, it’s time to find out why and what you were born for!” From that moment on my life changed. Not that I was unhappy before and not that I had not done and experienced some amazing things, but I felt like I finally started living my own life to the fullest. I felt like the whole world was full of possibilities (and it TRUELY IS!!!)  and life was the biggest gift between heaven and earth (IT IS!!!).
And that was when I remembered my dream: Hiking the PCT!!! So I though:”Let me start with the JMT! If I love it, I’m gonna do the PCT!” I had to wait 2 years to finally get the money together but nowwww…. Here I am!!! In less than one month I’ll be out there, with ME, MYSELF AND I  IN THE WILDERNESS!!! Jee I feel truely blessed and grateful! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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