Ultralight? Not really…

Did a bit of training today and noticed my backpack is not suuuuperduperlight. Fully packed (except for the bear canister, food and a water bladder) I went for a hike in my backyard.
I tried to “imitate” the bear canister with a round trashbin in which I put 1kg of sugar hahaha. A bear sure would like that!
Hiking for about 10km, I noticed (duh!) I’m carrying a loaded pack (it certainly ain’t ultralight)  yet it didn’t feel uncomfortable. I could easily have hiked a few more kilometers. So that’s a good thing :c) But I do wonder how it’ll feel when I leave Muir Trail Ranch with 9 days worth of food in my bear can ow ow ow… Hopefully I’ll be in trailshape by then…

Looking a bit sceptical. Will that backpack get too heavy?
That yellow thing sticking out of the front pocket is my ukulele. I made a lightweight bag for it and put a sea-to-summit sil-nylon bag over it to protect it against rain and such.

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