Walking by Heart – the second

Last week a friend and I decided to repeat our Walking by Heart – Tour. Only now the other way ’round and trying to bring it home in one single day (O crazy us! I love it!)

We woke up early in the morning and after about 1km or so we decided to send up a little prayer to the spirit world for guidance and support. The view over the fields (yeah they were of gold) was beautiful and the morning air was still new and fresh and filled with joy and good energy.
The evening before we had a good look at the maps and tried to learn the ideal route by heart…. Yeah sure, the ideal route… Of course that was not what was planned for us. The first 20km we oriented to roads and signs. But than -praise the lord- we got lost and finally we were ready to follow our hearts.  An old man told us, which way to go, so we did. We followed the landscape down to a little stream, ending in a magical place with small cascades. If we hadn’t got lost, we’d never passed this place…. What a blessing!

The first few hours passed as if time was non existent. Each time we noticed another hour ran by I felt stunned… How could time pass so fast? Though as time passed, time got longer haha. After 6 hours we took a decent break. We took off our shoes and tried to find a little spot in the shade, cuz the sun had decided, it should be a hot day!
After our break we had really no idea where we were, but we kept on going (yeah we even ran a bit – just for the sake of craziness!) and were lucky to see two red deer. Afterwards we found out we took a huge detour, but hey if we hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have seen the deer.
Just at the moment where our spirits where down a bit (hour 8 was pretty hard), o damn damn damn, the spirit world decided to help us out and give us a huge present…. It was a gate…. Yeah yeah yeah… How can a gate be a present???? I’ll tell you!!! A gate in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere… A gate standing there for no reason… Except for the part that we had crossed that gate on our first Walking by Heart – Tour. Now tell me… HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!  We were left with our mouths wide open, as now we knew where we were and we knew it wasn’t all that far anymore….

After almost 10 hours and exactly 40km of hiking we arrived at our destination. Tired but happy and once again stunned and thankful for what happens when you decide to WALK BY HEART!!!!

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