back to civilization

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Can’t believe time has gone so fast!!! I completed the JMT exactly as planned and summitted whitney on the 16th of september. I’M A FUCKIN THRU-HIKER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hikertrash! Damn right!!! It was amazing amazing amazing. In the next couple of weeks I’m gonna retype my journal and share my experience with you guys…. It’ll take some time to go through all of my pics….

4 thoughts on “back to civilization

  1. can't wait to read about your trip- i saw your link on the JMT yahoo group and did a section hike of the JMT with a bunch of ladypals this summer- we all long to thru hike but have young enough kids to keep us from being away from home that long. i'll be checking back to hear about the mountain lion!


  2. Hi Helen, Congrats!
    Do you remember the two german guys (Nick&Torsten)? We met us in LYV and TM (Beers&Burgers!). We've finished the JMT at September 9 after 16days. We look forward to your detailed report …. Viele Grüße!



  3. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah guys!!!! Well done!!! O that must have been long 16days!!!! So happy to hear you guys finished succesfully!!!!!!!!!!! Liebe Grüße and thanks so much for your comment!!!! LG! Helen


  4. Hi Kathie!!! Thanks so much for your nice comment! Which section did you hike this summer!!! One day when the kids are grown up you'll be able to do the whole thing… it's so worth it!!!! Lots of greetings to you!!!! Happy trails!!!!


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