DAY 1: Snail on Trail

Friday 23th August 2013:
What a day! What a day! What a day! FUCK FUCK FUCK! Climbing out of the valley was breathtaking! Not in a way that it felt hard but in a way that I was left with my mouth wide open every second step I took. I was all the time like: “DAMN THIS IS BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!” I had to stop and take picture ALL the time.

Picture of the day: DAY 1
Brian and Daniel, having BF
THE OBLIGATORY PICTURE!!!! JMT: 211 fuckin miles!!!
My Dirty Girl Gaiters… I came to love them like no other piece of gear!!!

I left at the Happy Isles Trailhead at 8am together with Brian and Daniel. After the obligatory picture at the distance sign I send them off, cuz I was about to be a SNAIL ON TRAIL!!! I went all the way up to Nevada Falls and had lunch there. And I enjoyed every step of the way… My knee was holding up well… as long as I was going SLOW SLOW SLOW! THANK YOU GREAT SPIRIT, I’m gaining confidence! I’ve met so much people on the way up, asking me where I was heading, telling my I am so brave and strong AND CRAZY. Hell yeah I AM!!! A woman even gave me high five hahaha :c) I noticed that as soon as I hit the trail my mind went more quiet than the days before. I’m so thankful for all that. No doubting, asking questions and having unendless conversations in my head.

After lunch, just about 30 minutes on trail, this is what happened: I was hiking trhough a sandy pine forest (well it wasn’t really a forest) as a thought came to my mind: “This could be a place for bears!” and BAM!!! Just a few minutes later a mama bear with 2 cubs crossed the fuckin’ trail!

I didn’t get a good picture as I kinda had the feeling it was more important to make sure they don’t come my way…

OH MY GOD!!!! Day 1: 3 Bears. Can’t believe it. First I froze and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was noone else there, just me and 3 bears 30meters further on. I felt like running away but instead I did what I was supposed to do: Yelling and making noise! So I hit my hiking poles loudly above my head, screaming “HEY BEAR! GO AWAY!!!” Mama bear just watched over and was like: “What do you want?” They just kept going. The little cubs running and playing. Jeeeeeeeeee that was crazy! Amazing, beautiful and scary at the same time!!! All of a sudden I felt very small and humble.
It was with a feeling of respect and amazement that I went on, now being more aware and trying to use owlview (that’s a technique I learned in wilderness school) to check whether more bears were around or not. WOW WOW WOW!
Just 20 minutes later I arrived at Little Yosemite Valley and another 20 minutes later my tent was up and installed. So I went over to the river Merced to get water and decided to spend some time at the riverbank. Washing my Tshirt and socks, painting in my journal, wading through the water. It was HEAVEN!
I decided to leave Half Dome for tomorrow, as I want to give my knee some rest. It did well today and I don’t wanna push my luck ;c)

I have thousands of selfies… but hey what do you do when you hike on your own?
First view of HALF DOME
O I enjoyed that afternoon at Merced river soooo much!!!


My brand new Darn Tough socks…. jeee I’m taking pictures of fuckin socks…. but I LOVE them!
Writing my journal at the LYV
Some people love them but I kinda hate those mashed potatoes… Maybe cuz I didn’t feel hungry at all

5 thoughts on “DAY 1: Snail on Trail

  1. I'm still in the process of writing my journal (9 days of 19 done…) I only took rough notes on the trail and selecting photos is sooooo hard… 🙂 I hope to be finished by Christmas…

    Just read your mountain lion posting. Wooooaaaah, not sure what I would have done, didn't really know that they are so dangerous. I was more worried about the bears (which I didn't see either).


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