Misses Trust on her way to Yosemite

Thursday 22nd of August 2013:
I’m on my way, I’m on my way, I’m on my way! HELL YEAH! I’ve been tossing thru the night, totally excited, thinking about the day, texting with mom haha. Got up at 5:45 am and made it in time to the amtrak bus station. It was a bit of searching and asking but thank god I found it.
Wow this is crazy, I’m sitting in the amtrak train and we’re driving next to the sea. There’s like nothing inbetween… The railway and just next to it… there are the waves. Crazy!!!

When I was walking to the Bart station and to the Amtrak station, with every step I took there was that word pounding in my head: TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST. And that made me think of Soulmate who told me that knee-issues have to do with trust. When he told me that, I was like: “Hey I’m MISSES TRUST herself!” But maybe that ain’t true. Maybe this is a test. It’s all about trust. Trust that my knee will be better, trust that I’m gonna make it, trust that soulmate is waiting for me…

Allrightyyyyyyy I’m at the backpackers campground in Yosemite, had dinner, checked out the place…. PRETTY beautiful. I arrived at the valley at about 2pm and went straight to the wilderness office to collect my permit. Now I’m all set to go!!! Brian and Daniel (from Pensylvania and Canada) joined me (I met them in the Yarts bus) joined me. they also hit the trail tomorrow.
Ha! It just feels great to be out in nature… feels so much better than the city. I’m camping inbetween/under huge pine trees and just a few 100m further there is granite rising so high I have to look all the way up.

My Tarptent Notch (looove that tent!), Capital B (my GoLite Pinnacle) and the Mothership (my Western Mountaineering sleeping bag)

Arriving at the valley was pretty impressive… El Cap (wow!!!) and Half Dome took my breath away.
Walking over to North Pines Campground I just found this blue feather of some kind of blue bird which is all around here (later I found out they are called Blue Jays)… just like the squirrels… not afraid of humans at all.
There is a lovely breeze going through the pines and I feel really quite satisfied… Though I do worry a bit about those BEARS… Hope they don’t pop by my tent… that’d freak me out…. Aaaaargh!

Blue Jays all over the place
First dinner… From now on I eat outta Ziplock bags
The bridge over Tenyaka Creek to the BC Campground
Writing my journal
First time of playing my ukulele in America :c)
The view outta my tent

2 thoughts on “Misses Trust on her way to Yosemite

  1. Incredible views. The bird is a Steller's Jay. A close relation to the Blue Jay. Lives only in the Western parts of North America. They are simply incredible to view. Congrats. Hope to see them this year when I go. ~ Peace, Fiona


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