Missing a plane and stress in San Francisco

Tuesday, 20th August 2013:
O holy spirit I can’t believe it…. I missed my plane yesterday! There was an accident on the A66 which resulted in a FUCKING 10km trafficjam. Diana brought me to the airport and during the first half an hour we still had our hopes up… Though time passed by and passed by and at 9am (boarding time was 9:10am) I suddently went all calm as I just realised I would miss my plane… for the first time in 15 years of travelling around the globe. I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THAT FUCKING PLANE.
 But hey, I did and maybe it was good for something. Maybe something even worse had happened. So I went up to the ticket counter and was lucky to get another flight for the next day. I could live with the extra costs of 230€. Kinda relieved we went for coffee. After that rollercoaster ride of feelings… coffee was the perfect stuff to bring us back down.
Back at home I had some time left now, so I did some work for Hallo Lama…
And here I am now… in the A380… on my way to SAN FRANCISCO…. Wuhuuu I made it. I do feel comfortable now that I’m on the plane. The A380 has a very steady flight and I feel quite calm… though I must admit, that the 2mg of Tavor (hahaha) help me a bit with that. It makes me feel a bit sleepy, which is good…

After 10 hours in the air, we’re almost there. 1 hour till landing…..

Wednesday, 21th August 2013:
I’m not in nature yet though I am really really longing to be. What a crazy day I’ve had so far. Had a bit of a hard time sleeping through the night. My mind was giving no rest, preparing what had to be done today.
First thing in the morning I got up, checked my food and went off to buy the rest. O damn my knee stared hurting like hell. That really wasn’t fun and kind of affected my mood and trust all day.
After buying loads of stuff (hm, am I gonna eat all that???) I started repackaging, which took me ages.

Just a small selection of the food and stuff for my resupply packages to Reds Meadow and Muir Trail Ranch
Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal… If only I had known I would start hating that oatmeal so fast!
My breakfasts

Then I decided to grab Elaine’s bike to get the bucket (for my MTR resupply package) at the hardware store. Glad I did cuz it was not too closeby and my knee didn’t hurt whilst biking. O that felt so good! After putting everything in the bucket I once again took off… to the postoffice… shipping my Reds Meadow and Muir Trail Ranch resupply packages. What a relieve once that was done!!! Back home I packed my bag with bear canister and food and all and DAMN DAMN DAMN my backpack is FUCKING HEAVY. How did that happen????

I just took a shower and rested my knee and I feel a bit better. Today I’ve been asking myself several times: Helen helen helen why are you doing this? … O well I guess I have to be patient with myself and most of all have trust… I HAVE TO START CONNECTING!

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