DAY 4: Down to the valley

Monday 26th August 2013: Wow, I had a good nights sleep. Probably because of the sleeping pill. I just had to really quiet my mind and sleep. Jule told me she heard me wining in my sleep, so I’ve probably been processing what I’d been through last night. Anyway after I got up I had coffee and breakfost and then had a second coffee when Jule and Gustav had breakfast. We broke camp togehter and made our way down to the valley.
They took the JMT, I took the Mist Trail. Wow BEAUTIFUL! On the way down I met 3 Americans who I took a break with and had a chat for half an hour. Of course the mountain lion story came up and all 3 listened to me with their mouths open and scared eyes. We concluded that experience definitely was and AWARENESS – SHAKE/WAKE UP!!!
I feel way better today, my spirit is up again and  I decided to take the shuttle but to Tuolomne and to hit the trail again. Maybe I’ll do Cathedral Lakes in a dayhike.
Down in the valley I met Jule and Gustav at the backpackers campground and we decided to take the valley shuttle to go and buy food, have coffee, buy our ticekts for the bus to Tuolone, have a shower,…. We had a great lazy chilled afternoon! I feel really grateful to have met Jule and Gustav, feels like we’ve been having holidays together for way longer than only those few evenings/days we spent together.
Afterwards we’ll go to grab pizza and beer at Curry Village and get to bed early. Don’t wanna miss the Bus to Tuolomne.

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