Tuesday 27th August 2013: We woke up early in the morning to make sure we wouldn’t miss the bus to Tuolomne. I’ve been awake for a while…well actually… most of the night… having flash backs and having a damn nightmare. I guess my mind and body are still trying to process. It’ll probably take while till I’ll be able to sleep normal again :c( Anyway, by 7:10 am we were of to get a greaaaaat coffeee at Curry Village where we had to say goodbye to Jule. She’s heading back to San Francisco and Germany. Gustav and I took the shuttle up to Tuolomne, having a bus driver sharing a whole lot of information about Yosemite.

Once at Tuolomne I put my tent and bear can in a bearbox at the campgorund and Gustav and I went off to Cathedral Lakes. As he was going faster than I was, we said goodbye along the way and off he went with his new shoes on (we bought them yesterday at the climber’s shop in Yosemite). I made it quite fast to Upper Chathedral lakes myself though… Just before reaching the lake I met Todd and Ursula. I didn’t know them… but they knew me… “Oh you’re the mountain lion girl!?” Hahaha. I can’t believe it…. All 3 of us were wearing DIRTY GIRL GAITERS! That was so funny so we took a picture! 3 DIRTY GIRLS ON THE FUCKIN’ TRAIL. HELL YEAH! At Cathedral Lakes (wow that was beautiful with Cathedral Peak at the Background) I made some pics and videos and went back down to Tuolomne. Made it there by 4pm (yeah I was quite fast today!!!) Going down it suddenly smelled smoky and the forest and meadows filled with smoke from the rim fire… (Luckely that was the only day on the trail where smoke was an issue!)
When I came back to the campground the place had filled up and kinda everyone around knew who I was. Hey CAT WOMAN! (Shobhan/Merman who had given me my trail name was there too… I met him on my way up -he was going down- and told him where I wanted to put my tent, so they gathered around :c) Damn I got fuckin famous with that experience…. even though I’d rather never ever ever had made that one!!! At the BC I put up my tent next to Shobhan, Ban and Ronna and then I made a lousy mac n cheese. JUCK that tasted disgusting.
After dinner I met up with Todd (Tilt a whirl) and Ursula (Mountain goat), they are sooo nice and funny. Todd is like also swearing all the time… Like me…yeah. WAY TO GO! He’s been a musician and he has played gigs in Gent and Antwerp and IEPER! Can’t believe it! hahaha!They just got their resupply package and had way too much food so they came around camp and started sharing…Got some great dinners! Thanks MG and Tilt!!!
In the evening we all gathered around the fire. One more time I told my story, I played some songs on the ukulele (haha I wrote a song with the title “snail on trail”), we had wine and just an amazing evening with Shoban, Tilt, MG, Lindsey, Joe, Armand and Stephan). What a great bunch of people! I kinda feel so blessed and thankful for these wonderful people around me, with whom I can share this experience….

El CAPITAN. Took this picture for my brother Ruben who is a freaky climber himself. He’d be up in no time!
Bye bye Yosemite Valley!
Ted also took the shuttle to Tuolomne. I met him yesterday at the Merced river in LYV and had a great conversation with him!
View from a stop along the road while taking the shuttle. On the other side of the road I could see the forest fire.


Gustav and I on our way to Cathedral Lakes
Off he went. Bye Gustav! Great meeting you!
Cathedral Peak from the side
Coming down to Tuolomne the air suddenly was filled with smoke from the forest fire north of Yosemite
Tuolomne Meadows filled with smoke. Luckely the wind changed directions the next morning.
Tilt, Merman, Mountain Goat, Armond, Joe
Stephan you crazy dude, that are waaaaaay tooooo much cigars for one JMT!

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