DAY 6: The looooooooong way up thru Lyell Canyon

Wednesday 28th August 2013: Tuolomne Meadows-Lake 160 (just under Donahue Pass)
O I slept great. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Most fellow hikers are still asleep but probably not for much longer as it got light some time ago. Gonna get up and have breakfast and coffee…Yummieeeeeeee…

I was the first one to leave this morning. After a mile of hiking almost next to the road the trail entered Lyell Canyon and from the beginning till the end I was struck by its BEAUTY! Man man man! I couldn’t stop saying. AW THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! It did feel like a really really really long way thru the canyon though. Must have been quite some miles!

At the end of the canyon I started climbing up to Donahue and at 3pm I reached my goal of the day: Lake 160 just below Donahue. So I’m in the perfect spot to hit the pass tomorrow. I had to wait 2 hours till 2 fellow hiker (chris and ken) came up. They saw me from afar and  yelled… CAT WOMAAAN! Too bad the others didn’t make it this far, but I’m gonna wait for them tomorrow. So I spend the evening with Chris and Ken and had one of Mountain Goat’s lovely dinners! I’m happy to have 2 guys closeby so that I can feel save… (Hahaha Chris and Ken gave my stove a name: THE BABUSHKA STOVE! hahaha!!!!)

Me and Bobcat! Can you see how happy I am to meet him! HE’S AN INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!

WOW I can’t believe it. I was just up at the lake to get water and make some videos  as a guy came up…. He turned out to be BOBCAT, a PCT Southbounder!!! He left the Canadian border just 2 MONTHS AGO and does about 30 miles per day! So damn crazy!!! Ow he was so friendly and we had a great short chat.
He still wanted to get over Donahue this evening. Wow! Well he definitely knows what he is doing after all these miles (damn I asked him if I could lift his backpack and his was way lighter…. Jee I could learn so much from him!). We exchanged emailadresses and stuff (definitely getting in touch with him when I plan for my PCT!) and off he went… What an inspiration! Man I am so glad I met a PCThiker. What a nice guy!!!)

By the time I got to Tuolomne I hated the oatmeal breakfasts I had prepared. So I bought little packages of cereals and I enjoyed these way more… even though they look like toys rather than food.
Tuolomne river
Looking back to Cathedral Peak
 I looooooooooooooooooove the JMT!!!!
Starting the long hike thru Lyell Canyon
Thanks TILT!
I absolutely loved the views!!!
Lunchbreak at the river
The mountains are getting closer
Climbing out of the valley in the early afternoon
My camp spot for the night. Lake 160 is just 100m away (had to pitch behind some trees as it was VERY windy!)

5 thoughts on “DAY 6: The looooooooong way up thru Lyell Canyon

  1. Hello Helen (Catwoman!): I was pleased to find your blog postings, see your wonderful pictures and read of your adventures. Most of all, I was happy to see that your trip was a success.

    I have posted some pictures on Picasa, linked below…

    … including one of you with Ken and myself while camped at the end of Lyell Canyon.

    I wish you well on the PCT. Best regards, Chris


  2. O Chris, just went through all your pictures!!! You summited Whitney with Shobhan and Ryan??? Great guys!!! And you met John Ladd too!!! haha! I guess you must have been 2 days in front of me… Cool!


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