DAY 10: Smooth and easy!!!

Sunday 1st September 2013: Reds Meadow to Deer Creek:

Today we all got up pretty early cause we were all craving for a ‘merican breakfast at the Mule’s Café (hahaha the POWER OF FOOD!!!) After packing all our stuff we headed over there for the third time and I ate my FIRST AMERICAN PANCAKES (damn right that’s a epic moment to remember!!!!) Jihaaaaaa! O man! I was totally stuffed but we had to get going. It was so SAD to leave LINDSEY! Really really really too bad that she has to go back to work!
Still the rest of the family had to hit the trail and we hiked through the landscape scarred by the rainbow fire of 1992.
It was like SURREAL BEAUTIFUL! Wow it really was  great! I couldn’t stop saying: This is PERFECT. THIS IS HOW LIFE SHOULD BE. It felt so incredibly good to move, to hike through that landscape…. I WANNA DO THE PCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I could keep moving for ever and ever and ever. OH IT FELT SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! The first part up to RED CONES I hiked alone. THat ascent felt so smooth and gentle and perfect. At some point TAW joined me and he told me, he’d never met someone WHO LOVES LIFE AS MUCH AS I DO! That kinda moved me to tears! O MAN! At the first creek we met up with the boys and MG and for a while we hiked all together… like in a little train… I was in the back and I felt so happy with all those people I like right in front of me!!! Before we even realised it we reached camp at Deer Creek and had the LAZIEST AFTERNOON EVER….Oh Life is so sweet out here!!!!

Ready for my first american pancakes!!!!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Still I like the belgian ones better…. O right, I’m not allowed to say that out loud when ‘mericans are around…. whoops sorry!!!
Our JMT Family!!! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Lindsey. She had to go back to work :c(
The rainbow fire of 1992 did this
Red cone!
LUXERY!!!!!!!!! Coffee and 1 cookie in the afternoon!!! OMG!!!

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