DAY 7: Go go go Donahue and Island Pass!

Thursday 29th August 2013: Lake 160 – Donahue Pass – Island Pass- 1000 Island Lake:

What a night! What a night! Without sleep…. The wind was blowing soooo damn hard that it felt as if my tent could fly away, jeeeeeeeee! Anyway I left camp at about 8:15am (I’m only just guessing cuz I didn’t bring a watch…. I love to live TIMELESS!!!) and I hit Donahue Pass right away. That went smoothly, yeah!

Whilst hiking I thought about Bobcat. How peaceful and happy and at ease he seemed! Like he had nothing to worry about. Wow even after all those miles he was so honestly struck by the beauty of nature. Just like me but this is only day 7 on trail. wow! He had such a happiness and peacefullness around him!!!

The scenery today was so so so so so FUCKIN’ BEAUTIFUL!!!!! O man this is life and LIFE IS GOOD!!!! With every step you take the story of life unravels. And it is so freakin’ beautiful!
The descent of Donahue was qutie long and I was pretty tired to hit Island Pass. But I just put one foot in front of the other… and all of a sudden… there I was… at the wonderful lake at Island Pass.
I sat down and had a GREAT LUNCH OF CRISPS (allright you freakin ‘Mericans…. I mean Potatoe Chips!!!), SWEETS (again… for you Mericans that’s candy!), CHOCOLATE, CHEESE, TORTILLA,…… HELL YEAH!!!  Up there I met all my friends! Jihaaa! I was so happy to see them and hike down with them to 1000 Island Lake. At the lake we found a GREAT SPOT to camp and now we’re all sitting here after dinner, enjoying the alpenglow… This is so beautiful!… in the middle of nature… GREAT WONDERFUL NATURE… having some lovely people around me who love being outdoors just as much as I do.
O I feel happy and satisfied and COLD HAHAHA!

After dinner we waited for shooting stars and wishes!!! We were damn lucky!!!! As I wanted to go to bed, I still had to go and pee and damn a coyote barked from really really closeby. Sweet baby Jesus…. Do I attract the animals or what?????

Lake 160…. Right under Donahue (you can not see the pass here yet though!)
Eh is that the trail???
Looking back on my campspot from last night
Another little lake just before Donahue Pass
Looking back on yesterday: Lyell Canyon!
Bye bye YOSEMITE! Hello Ansel Adams Wilderness!!!!
Cat on Donahue!!!
On my way up. Second pass of the day: Island Pass!!!
Island Pass!!!
First view of 1000 Island Lake!!!
This way Mountain Goat!!!
Merman and Lindsey having a swim
Our lovely campspot at 1000 island lake
Joe, MG and Lindsey cooking dinner
Tilt and Merman cooking dinner

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