Day 8: Swearing, cursing?! HELL YEAH I’m on the frikkin JMT!!!!

Friday 30th august 2013: 1000 Island lake – Garnet Lake – Rosalie Lake:
Today I woke up early enough to see the sun rise and the BEAUTIFUL ALPENGLOW climbing the mountains around 1000 island lakes! That was such a great start of the day even if I hardly slept at night. O man! I REALLY HAVE TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT ANIMALS COMING BY AT NIGHT! I had all my JMTfriends and Tilt closeby and still… Now I worried about critters biting thru my tent… In the morning the noise turned out to be just the tentfly scratching against some dry grass. O dear! I have to relax! The coyotes didn’t bother me anymore as soon as I thought: Well they’re just like our foxes in Europe.
Anyway… we had a lazy but wonderful breakfast (enjoying sunrise) and we only left camp by noon. Tilt went for a run up the mountain and brought back some freakin’ snow and ice!!! HAHAHA!!! We made a SNOWMAN right at 1000 island Lake and after that the boys started playing basebal with the iceball and a trekking pole! O DAMN that was sooooooooo funny!!!

After that we broke camp (Merman had to leave earlier to meet up with his wife at Reds Meadow….. We are gonna miss him sooo much!) and hit the trail. We expected the trail to be all downhill but NO WAY… There were some freakin’ hard ascendings in there! Like after Garnet Lake (which was sooo beautiful too!) and before Rosalie Lake (damn damn damn!). I ended up hiking with Tilt most of the day and we really had a lot of fun. We had some great conversations about life but most of the time we were just laughing and making fun. Well it surely felt great not to hike alone for the first time… even though auestions like “do I go to slow?” or “am I annoying them?” came popping to my head. But Tilt could convince me quite well that that wasn’t the case. So that was great!
Along the way we met “Handy Andy” (update 2014: Andy set the JMT speed record this summer 3 days xxx hours!!!!) on his barefoot shoes. A 21year old who is fastpacking northbound. Doing the JMT IN 5 DAYS!!!! THAT’S JUST CRAAAAAZY!!!!! And still he had the time to have a friendly chat with us!!! Amazing!!! (PS: He too had heard of CAT WOMAN! O man!!!!) By the end of the afternoon we were all tired and that we had to climb up to Rosalie Lake. MAN THAT WAS A HELL OF A CLIMB… O well it was ok, it’s just that we hadn’t expected it. It was sooo good to have my JMTfiriends around. So we made fun and didn’t notice the climb that much! In the late afternoon we arrived at Rosalie Lake. Tilt, Mountain Goat and I decided to stay. The boys and Lindsey (from now on…known as CLIFFPOOPER!!! She just pood of a cliff hahahaha!!!! She’s so cooool!!!) went to camp at Gladys Lak. After we set up camp (I am soooo happy to have people around at night… especially now that we’re in the woods again) we went for a swim. THat was just so so so PERFECT!  I can’t believe I’m here… on the JMT…swimming in lakes, letting myself dry by the sun. It’s just the greatest feeling EVER EVER.
This is how life should be: CLOSE TO NATURE, SIMPLE, SOMETIMES HARD HIKING BUT O SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!!! After our swim me made dinner and hot chocolate and now we’re sitting here in the dark… writing journal… the stars are coming out HA! THIS IS LIFE!!!!
PS: Tilt told me, he gave me one of his shooting star wishes last night! He wished for me not to have nightmares. O man that is so nice! That guy has a big heart!!!

…”Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.”… Khalil Gibran

AMAAAAAZING alpenglow at 1000 Island Lake
The Babushka Stove rocks!
Merman has to leave us…. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!
A picture with my trail name giver!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MERMAN! It really is true. The name CAT WOMAN turned out to be sooooooo positive!!!!
We can be nice and behave if we have to… Well only if we have to…. like for this pic!
Off he goes…. OUR MERMAN!!!!
Enjoying a lazy morning at 1000 island lakes….
Ok not tooootally lazy… I did do laundry…
But then I was lazy AGAIN!
Tilt brought snow and ice from the Tilt a Whirl SNOWFIELD!!!!
We made a snowman in SUMMER at 1000 island lake. Are we crazy or are we crazy???
Lindsey is such an amazing girl. She’s 24 and hit the trail on her own!!!!!!!!!
The boys playing baseball with ice and a trekking pole haahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!
Birdy in the tree
Garnet lake
crazy lindsey crazy todd just after climbing up to rosalies….. yeah we haven’t hiked enough today… let’s do some climbing. YOU FREAKS!!!!
Such a beautiful camp spot at Rosalie Lake…. tucked inbetween the pine trees :c)
Doing laundry and swimming in Rosalie Lake. Heaven!
I have to soak my feet to get the dirt off…. O well whatever….

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