Day 9: Go wolf!

Saturday 31th August 2013: Rosalie Lake – Gladys Lake – Devils Postpile – Reds Meadow:

I had the most lovely campspot at Rosalie Lake, safely tucked in by pinetrees. Still I didn’t sleep too much. As I got up TAW and MG were up already and we had a nice lazy breakfast. Ha I looove breakfast! By 8:30 am I left camp and headed to Gladys Lake. I kinda enjoyed hiking alone but it did feel great to know that TAW and MG were right behind me. And it was funny tracking Lindsey’s an the boys’ footprints till Gladys Lake. The scenery was pretty impressive… huge huge huge trees… it somehow had a special atmosphere. I noticed me having a hard time having a quiet mind, not having conversations in my head, so I had to talk with my spirit guides and I decided to try and connect to the wolf while hiking through this forest. It made me way more aware, running through this landscape like a wolf and quieting my mind. Ryan and Dylan crossed my roads several times and then TAW and MG caught up with me. O I like having them around me.
While I was hiking I had to think about how I felt at highschool, how noone really kinda liked me, how I felt out of place, not popular at all… But here on the trail (and for the last several years) people seem to love me. That feels so good! Maybe it is because now I do what I love, because this is where I belong, because NATURE is where I feel at home, WHERE I CAN BE THE MOST POSSIBLY ME.  Jeeeee I AM GRATEFUL!!!!
After a few hours we reached the Devils Postpile (Dylan called it the Devils Shitpile hahaha)… O man… back to civilization…. tooooo many “good smelling” people… That SUCKED big time. But we made a joke out of it, putting our arms up while hiking and spreading our WILDERNESS PERFUME YEAH!!! hahahahaha! What was nice though is that a woman gave us some oranges and we felt happy like kids on Christmas. We ate them like as if we never had oranges before. DAMN they tasted fucking orgasmic! The devils postpile… well… was nice… but it somehow can’t compare to true wilderness. Suddenly we got to a real road…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I wasn’t prepared for that. But it took us to the Reds Meadow store (damn that felt so damn hard, hiking a few 100m along a normal road)! Anyway, at Reds we had GREAT DAMN GOOD BURGERS at the Mule’s Café (Jeeee that tasted like the best food EVER). After that we finally had the energy to get our resupply packages… WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING???!!! We all had waaaaaaay tooooo much food. So we ended up sharing with Ryan and Dylan and put the rest in the hikers barrell. After our resupply we found our way to the Backpackers Campground, where a site normaly costs 20 dollars. But after a while a woman in a golfcar came by and told us: Tonight is FREE! YEAH! Due to Labour Day! :c)
The afternoon was so great, we just hung out, played the ukulele,… Ow I enjoyed these lazy hours soo much. All of a sudden Lindsey and the boys showed up like outta nowhere… YEAH, the JMTfamily reunited!!! The boys decided to do some laundry so we could toss in some clothes. Hahaha the boys being all responsible and clean (taking showers) and we grown-ups (eh NOT) all smelly!
At 6 pm we once again headed over to the Mule’s Cafè and had burgers for the second time HAHAHA! So fuckin good and we had milkshakes afterwards!!! I feel I ate like a bear!
Oooo Lindsey was so cute, saying that I am the most beautiful mountain girl she’s ever seen and that is out here. OW that is sooo nice of her to say. Most people don’t say things like that out loud. So: THANK YOU LINDSEY!!!! :c)
PS: Oh! TAW gave me a blue jay feather. While hiking I saw the feather but decided not to pick it up (which I normally ALWAYS do, cuz I see feathers as a GIFT FROM HEAVEN and I always pick them up and stick them somewhere so that other people can enjoy their beauty) because of the fact that my pack felt heavy and I didn’t wanna go down and get up again. Without me saying anything, all of a sudden, TAW stopped, turned back, picked up the feather and gave it to me. Now that is what I call MAGIC!!!

Ready to start hiking!
Breakfast at Rosalies
My beloved Bearikade Expedition…. THE PERFECT BEARCAN FOR THE JMT!!!
Wood capturing the morning sun
Gladys Lake coming up
O deer!
I LOVED this chipmunk. Posing for the perfect picture!!! Thank you lovely little creature!!!!
Are you sure you wanna eat those MnM after you had them in your DIRTY hands??? Eh YEAH!!!
Trail magic!!! A woman gave us oranges!!!! HEAVEN!!!
The devils shitpile… eh sorry… postpile. One funny fact: Loads of tourists. One woman asked where we were coming from and where we were heading to. After she heard that we came from Yosemite and were heading for Whitney her mouth literally fell open and she stared!!!! HAHAHA! That was soooo funny!!!
Allright! Now you get yourself together girl! You have to behave CAT!!!!
Todd, Ursula, Me, Ryan and Dylan. HUNGRY JMT HIKERS!!!!
My resupply package made it all the way from SF! YEYYYYY!
Damn right!!! We went for burgers A SECOND TIME!!!
Everyone was like: Eh why you are making pics of Mtn Dew…. Eh cuz we don’t have that green shit in Europe dudes!!!

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