DAY 12: Silver Pass in the HAIL

Thursday 3th September 2013: Virginia Lake – Silver Pass – VVRjunction:
I woke up early at Virginia Lake. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cereals left for breakfast so I had to stuff in the oatmeal that I started hating… It just tastes disgusting!
We left at about 9am, ready for a 13 mile day… And oh boy, that was a day! After Virginia Lake it went all downhil and the next moment if went uphill all the way to silver pass. Jeeeeeee the scenery was so damn stunning. We went through so many different landscapes. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart had difficulties taking in all thet BEAUTY. Holy Spirit!

This hike is the best thing I’ve ever done. I would wanna keep moving forever. I don’t want this to stop. It feels so incredibly good to move, to carry all that I need to live in my backpack. This is LIFE! I don’t wanna settle for a stinky normal life. This is it. THis is how it is ment to be!
Shortly before reaching Silver Pass it started raining and hailing and it didn’t stopp till we reached camp at 5:30pm. O man SILVER PASS was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and the valley right behind the pass… I just can’t describe it. The rain and the hail and the dark clouds created a very mystic and dramatic atmosphere. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. I was all soaken wet but I didn’t wanna be any place else!
After a steep and freaking long descent (wouldn’t wanna go up Silver Pass from that side!!!!) we reached the junction to VVR where we set up camp. We were all wet and tired and after dinner we all disappeared in our tents pretty fast… What a damp but CRAZY amazing day!!!!

Going all the way down to the valley floor and then… yeah… all the way up to Silver Pass!
What the fuck are you looking at???
Pee with A view!
Looks kinda threatening
Looking down to the other side of the pass OMG!
Looking back to Silver Pass
I LOVE my rainjacket: The Outdoor Research Helium II
Fuck that was a hard descent to the VVR junction!

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