DAY 13: One foot in front of the other on the Dragon’s back!

Wednesday 4th September 2013: VVR-Junction to Rosemarie Meadow:

Wow, today was kind of a rough day. We hit the Dragon’s Back (unendless switchbacks through pine and aspen forest) five minutes after breaking camp (which we did like waaaaay tooo late… hoping our stuff would get dry…. yeah NOT!). I felt ok going uphill thouhg my knee was hurting. Yet the next part of the trail… I don’t know. I felt so slow even if the terrain was pretty easy. Luckely at some point we reached Bear Creek and we had a great bath! That was so DAMN GOOD and I felt really refreshed. Still it was a good thing we only had another 3 miles till camp at Rosemarie Meadow, where we had a lovely little fire and waited for shooting stars giving us wishes!

Everything is wet and damp in camp :c(
Autsch my knee hurts but I smile… cuz that’s what I do… I SMILE!!!
PCT 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe and Armand hike up the Dragon’s Back like as if there’s no tomorrow!
It’s about time to hug a tree on the JMT!!!
So much love
Thank you tree for giving me shade!!!
Thank you tree for singing the wind’s song
Most refreshing jump in the water at Bear Creek
Campspot for evening 13: Rosemarie Meadow…. At least I think that was Rosemarie Meadow

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