DAY 14: Tooooo much beauty OH GREAT MOTHER EARTH!!!

Thursday 5th September 2013: Rosemarie Meadow – Marie Lake – Selden Pass – Sallie Keyes Lakes:

After a great nights sleep I watched the sun rise on the mountains around Rosemarie Meadow. Again it took us ages to break camp…. Jeeeee seems like I’m getting slower every day (well hm that’s what you get when you unpack the Ukulele after breakfast… wouldn’t wanna miss that though!!!!!)

Wow I can’t believe this is day 14 already. It doesnt’t feel like it. But I love it that my body does so damn great (well except for my knee but that was my own fault, hiking more than 25miles in one day before I leave)! So far I haven’t had any muscle aches, blisters or what so ever! That’s amazing!!!
We left camp quite late and had a beautiful hike, smoothly uphil to Marie Lake. Wow I have no fuckin’ words to describe the beauty and greatness of the scenery. I just HAD to stop every second to take pictures and it almost was toooo beautiful to take it all in. Holy spirit…. THIS IS HOME! This is where I belong. This is life. Move, eat, sleep, move and take in the beauty of nature. Fuck my backpack is loaded with gratitude! We enjoyed a long lunchbreak at Marie Lake and it only took us 30 minutes or so to get up to Selden Pass. O man man man what a scenery on both sides of the pass!!! Shortly after going down we reached heart lake and then we got to Sallie Keyes Lakes and O DAMN… There he was… Our Rock to jump off into the lake!!! THAT WAS SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME! After our jumps off the rocks we lay in the sun, enjoyed the afternoon, and set up camp at that little peninsula at Sallie Keyes Lake. Damn it’s beautiful!!!
Jeeeeeeeeeeeezes! I started eating like a monster bear! I just stuff food in my mouth and keep eating eating eating!!!

Sunrise at Rosemarie Meadow
Heart lake
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Chocolate Cake…. Though it did taste more like pudding…

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