DAY 15: A KITKAT for CAT!!!! Resupplying at MTR!!!!!!

Friday 6th September 2013: Sallie Keyes Lake – Muir Trail Ranch:

Wow this must have been a cold night cuz when I put my sleeping bag on the rocks ice would form on it. (My sleeping bag has been named “THE MOTHERSHIP” cuz I have the warmest and fluffiest bag of us all… yeah!) After breakfast TAW played the ukulele and I sang when the sun rose over the rim of the mountains. It was just perfect. Right now everybody is packing their stuff and I am enjoying the sun and the gentle breeze at Sallie Keyes Lakes. O man!
After we got packed we went over to a huge rock at Sallie Keyes and took the funniest family pictures ever! Jee I almost peed my pants!!! Hahaha! All happy we hit the trail, going easy and smooth through a forest smelling like HEAVEN… Pines and cedars…WOW! After 6 or 7 miles downhill we came to MTR where the CRAZINESS OF A RESUPPLY took its start. OMG!!! All that food!!!!! But we definitely needed it and I even took some extras from the hiker barrels (I decided to switch some breakfasts and some dinners). Jee jee jee… whilst cramming everything into our bearcans (haha I decided to just put my foot on it to get it all in hahaha) we at KitKat, Doritos, MnMs, Candy…. We all filled our bellies till they were full full full. Even Chalula had enough hahaha!
After we had everything packed we weighed our backpacks… I WON WON WON! LIGHTEST pack…. Well hm…. it still weighed 32pounds…. with 9 days worth of food inside…
After our resupply my JMT family took off and I went to my cabin, ordered my stuff (eh yeah right… rather just threw everything on the spare bed) and then I headed over to the hot springs. SWEET BABY JESUS! That was just heaven. I washed myself (God I was sooo dirty) and relaced. Ha I felt like a new born! At dinnertime I headed over to the lounge and had dinner in the dining room. Jeeeeee! I ATE LIKE A BEAR!!!! Shuffling as much food in as I could. Salad, potatoes, bread… Oh I never ate so much food and my belly was about to explode…. Haha it was kinda funny heaving dinner at MTR… a dining room filled with strange elder hiker (or not hiker) men. After dinner I once more went to the hot springs… I just had to!

Our Campspot at Sallie Keyes Lake
When I put the mothership on the rocks to air out ice crystals appeared
Aaaah finally… the SUN!
Our camp- and jump off rocks- spot
A KitKat for KittyCAT
Left: Cat’s food, Right: Tilt’s food…. I’m a fuckin mess!!!
YEAH Capital B is the lightest pack of the bunch!!!!
O those hot springs!!!!
Cat attaaaaaack!!!
Food for my friends…. Sorry MTR but it was for a good cause

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