Day 16: OH that HEAVY pack!!!

Saturday 7th September 2013: Muir Trail Ranch to McClure Meadow

In the morning I went over to the dining room for breakfast. OMG!!! I ate like a monster: burrito, cereal, wafels,… That was so damn GOOD GOOD GOOD. I ate like as if there is no tomorrow and I “borrowed” (ok I took it… I’m so sorry MTR but it really was for a good cause!) food for my family out there in the wilderness. While they all enjoyed their burritos, fruits and chocolate, TAW played the ukulele. GREAT!

Then we hit the trail. O damn damn damn it promised to be a fucking hard day cuz my pack felt so so so heavy! Loads of people crossed our trail while still being close to MTR and I suddenly felt all ANTI-SOCIAL. I didn’t feel like meeting people. Dammit… get outta my way you speeding people! Tilt made the right comment saying ” This is like a freakin’ highway!”. Though luckely after a few hours it got way more quiet and

the terrain was quite smooth, but still I had a REALLY REALLY HARD DAY carrying that heavy backpack and my knee hurting like hell. I couln’t really enjoy the scenery though it was so beautiful climbing up to Mc Clure Meadow. The last 2.7 miles before Mc Clure Meadow I just sticked to the boys and just kept hiking fast, not looking up much… Sometimes that’s just the way to go!
BUT THEN…. We arrived at Mc Clure and right at the beginning, to the right side of the trail, we found THE BEST CAMPSPOT EVER!
The view over the meadow and the mountinas was just BREATHBREATHBREATHTAKING and I enjoyed my dinner watching an AMAZING ALPENGLOW!!! It was just so fucking beautiful that all my sorrows and pain of the day were forgotten. I felt open and thankful!
In the evening we had a little fiere and I got into the mothership early… O that was nice, feeling all save with my family sitting and chatting outside at the fire :c)

PS: O! We met Kyle along the trail! He said: “Hey are you Cat Woman?” And I was like: “Hey YEAH I am!!!” He:” Shoban (Merman) says hello!!!!”
OOOOOO MANNNNN! How cool is that!!! He’s a friend of Meerman!!! They both left Evolution Valley (in opposite directions) today. So Mermen must be about 1 or 2 days ahead of us!!! SOOOOO COOOOOOOOOL!!! Getting messages on the trail from people I’ve never seen before…..

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