Day 17: Evolution Valley touching my heart!

Sunday 8th September 2013: McClure Meadow – Evolution Valley – Wanda Lake

Today I got up early and had a great breakfast whilst enjoying the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE I’ve ever seen. At about 8:10am TAW and I left camp, leaving the boys and MG behind… knowing we’d meet them at Wanda Lake at our next campspot. We climbed out of the valley and my pack didn’t feel as heavy as yesterday. In fact I felt great and I enjoyed hiking and chatting and taking in the amazing views.

As we hit Evolution Lake my eyes filled with tears cuz I hardly could take in all that beauty.

That lake reflecting the huge rock mountains around it… O holy spirit THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT BEAUTY!!!
After lunch at Evolution Lake we climbed out of the Basin, passing Sapphire Lake, making our way to Wanda Lake and I just couldn’t stop thanking Mother Earth out loud!
We arrived at Wanda Laka at 2:10pm, set up camp and then a guy came by that turned out to be JOHN LADD! Well I can’t believe it!! We had a nice chat with him (if you read this John… It was an honour meeting you!!!!!!) and then after about 1,5 hours the boys and MG arrived in camp.
So here I am now… Enjoying the beautiful view at Wanda Lake, the evening sun is warming my back, I’m writing and painting…. O Thank you so much for this beautiful day!!!
PS1: In the evening we saw the sun going down over Muir Pass and we could see Muir hut. AND THEN: A RAINBOW CAME OUT RIGHT OUT OF MUIR HUT!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!
PS2: John (who we would give the trail name Smoky) joined our family tonight. He intended on hiking from MTR to Kearsage Pass but he joined us and ended up summiting Whitney with us…. Great to have you in the family John!!!

Meeting John Ladd!!!
My dirtbag rainskirt

2 thoughts on “Day 17: Evolution Valley touching my heart!

  1. Wow, wonderful photos! I had a rather grey-ish day when walking towards and over Muir Pass…

    John Ladd offered me (a complete stranger) to borrow his Bearikade when I panicked because REI notified me, that my pre-ordered BearVault might arrive too late for my hike. In the end everything worked out fine, so I didn't have to take his offer.

    John, if you read this: Thank You! (also to the other hikers from the Yahoo group that offered me help!)


  2. Hey Gert! Yeah we were quitelucky. It seemed like was rain coming up when we got to Wanda Lake, but in the end it never rained…. In fact I only had bad weather just once, going over Silver Pass (got hailed upon big time) and that was actually a pretty cool experience.
    And oh yeah, John is pretty great!!!!


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