Day 19: A tortuce on the golden staircase

Tuesday 10th September 2013: Middle Fork – Golden Staircase – Upper Palisade Lake

Though I didn’t sleep too much tonight, my knee felt better and after a great breakfast (have to remember: I like MH Granola with blueberries) We left camp at 8am. First going gently uphill through a beautiful green forest with ferns. The sun became hot very quickly and in the heath of the day we started climbing the golden staircase.
DAMN THAT WAS GREAT! I kinda loved that climb. SLOW BUT STEADY LIKE A TORTUCE. The views were just stunning, breathtaking, amazing.

Especially on top where you could see Le Conte Canyon on one side and the Palisade Lakes and its mountains around. WOW THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. As we reached Lower Palisade Lake a thunderstorm came up from Le Conte Canyon. First we decided to hide in some lower bushes. But then the rest family passed along and all together we went higher up to Upper Palisade Lake. The tunderstorm kept hanging above our heads but nothing really happened. So we set up camp at a slope left of the trail where we had a beautiful view of the basin. Suddenly it got really cold and we ate dinner at 5:30pm. I probably got in the tent at 6:30pm brrrrrrrrrrr.

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