Day 20: Kiss the ground girl! Kiss the ground!

Wednesday 11th September 2013: Upper Pallisade Lake – Mather Pass – Marjorie Lake

Fiiiinally I had a good nights sleep and woke up early to hit Mather Pass. What a great and amazing climb. Beautiful views of the Pallisade Lakes. I did feel that I was getting up high. Wow the hightest my own feet ever took me. THANK YOU FEET! 3688m! And I’m gonna break that record again tomorrow. Wuhuuu!
Up on Mather Pass we met a woman doing the High Sierra Route on her own, being  a professional backcountry photographer! Pretty cool!
The switchbakcs down were nice and smooth… Though somehow the ground wanted to kiss me! As I was making a little video I twisted my ankle which made me tumble… AND O YEAH!

DOWN I WENT! KISSING THE GROUND! Thank God I somehow kept my camera off the ground (yeah first make sure your gear ain’t broken and then check yourself for injuries haha) and I now have the coolest video ever. Hahaha I was like a turtle laying on its back. Not able to get up till I decided I had to crawl out of my pack. Hahaha. That was fun… Well probably only because I didn’t get hurt.

We then kinda CRUISED the basin and O MAN that was great. Such a surreal landscape! This is what the earth must have looked like when she was first shaped…
Suddenly a thundercloud got right above us… out of nothing (damn that Sierra weather sure likes to surprise!). So we went really fast and made quite some miles till lunch. We had lunch at Kings river. Man I was hungry (today I decided to ration my food, in order to have more for the next couple of days… So my lunch consisted of a tiny package of peanut butter and some trail mix… not enough… definitely not enough!).
Mountain Goat caught up with us and as TAW and MG wanted to chat a bit, I decided to hike on on my own. About 5 minutes later I KISSED THE FUCKING GROUND AGAIN!!!! Again twisting my right ankle and falling down to the left. Damn! Turtle the second! Hahaha!

Anyway I got up again and whilst hiking through the forest all of a sudden I kinda freaked out cuz I saw something moving. Mountain Lion flashback. I felt dizzy and had a hard time breathing. I think I was kind of panicking. I first decided to wait for MG and TAW to catch up with me, but to me it felt like that took ages so I turned around and hiked back somehow being in a strange state of mind. Luckely they came after about 15 minutes though it still took me a while till I got back to normal. O DAMN I DON’T LIKE THAT FEELING :c(
Finally we crossed the kings river and hit the switchbacks leading up to Marjorie Lake and Pinchot Pass. I kinda enjoyed those switchbacks… (better for my knee than going down o yeah!)

O Joe my dear Joe!!!
The nice climb up to Mather Pass
Yey! Mather Pass!
I’d love to have her job… backcountry photographer!
O mother earth… I wanna be closer to you…
Looking back on Mather Pass
Tiny thundercloud making some noise…
Damn! That’s it for lunch today…
Lunchbreak…. As I didn’t have too much to eat, I got some time for chillin’
Kissing the ground for the second time that day…. O well, I had a good laugh… Luckely nothing bruised!

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