Day 21: The long way down from Pinchot Pass

Thursday 12th September 2013: Marjorie Lake – Pinchot Pass – Dollar Lake

Left early at 7:30am. Enjoyed the climb up to Pinchot Pass. Played the ukulele on top. Long long long way down. Meeting Pat with his Z-Packs Backpack (told me he gave the boys a cliff bar for me… hahaha they met him before and told him they have a skinny person in their group who could use some extra calories…. eh yeah… that’d be me…. Ain’t that sweet?) BEAUTIFUL RED ROCKMOUNTAIN (no idea how to describe it) along the trail. Hard afternoon down a valley which gave my eyes a break from the majesty and beauty of the mountains we saw before.

Such a long hard day somehow. 4 miles of climbing at the end, beginning with the cool kings fork bridge. Luckely Armand digged out the Cliff Bar Pat gave him for me… Now up we go go go. Last 1,5 (that’s right: A MILE, MILE AND A HALF!) pushing the TURBO BUTTON. Thinking of soulmate. This one is for you. I climbed on high speed. Reached camp at 5 pm. Dinner. Bed. Tired. Heard animals at night. Freaking out. Damn. Remains of my mountain lion night…

Wuhuuu! Pinchot!!!
I just LOVE absolutely LOVE THIS VIEW!!!!
That must be the coolest water slide ever!
Campspot on day 21, close to Dollar Lake


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