Day 23: Dance on Forester Pass!!! My first 4000m pass!!! YEAH!

Saturday 14th September 2013: Campsite next to Bubbs Creek (close to Center Peak) – Forester Pass – Tyndall Frog Ponds

Oh Fiiiiiinally… I slept WELL! Thank you lord! Left camp at 8am. Slow but steady. 3,5h to Forester. What a smooth and breathtaking climb! Stairway to heaven! I was like “AUS’M HÄUSCHEN” when I hit the pass. MY FIRST 4000M PASS! So exciting! Took a hell lot of pics and I DANCED ON FORESTER while the boys were singing that silly milkshake song HAHAHA! Party for my first 4000m!

The others had cell service (I didn’t bring any technical equipment except for my camera) so I was able to send a lifesign home from Forester! Yeah. Guess the folks back home will be quite happy to hear from me. We stayed like more then 1h up on Forester cuz it was so beautiful!!! Then we headed down the switchbacks. Great view! Beautifully constructed trail! The whole afternoon we went through a moonlike landscape slowly turning into a meadow with single pine trees. 1ml before camp we got into a forest going slightly uphill. Reached camp at 3:15 pm.Wow. Finally a day where we got to camp early. Haven’t had a day like that for a long time. Finally time to get clean (oh DIRTY FEET jeeee), to paint (I painted the Jet Boil in Joe’s joerunal), early dinner, 2 hot chocolates. GRRRREAT!!!

  (whoops…yeah… I’m a bit crazy…. juuuust a bit…. ;c)
A lonely Coyote!!!
Starting to climb Forester Pass
Proud as can be! My first 4000m pass!!!!
Looking back on Forester… Dark clouds comin’ up!
THE boys on trail!!! Miss you guys!!!
Joe wanted me to paint in his journal. So I painted the Jet Boil… We all LOVED the Jet Boil!

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