Day 24: Playing my ukulele at Guitar Lake :c)

Sunday 15th September 2013: Tyndall Frog Ponds – Bighorn Plateau – Crabtree Meadow – Guitar Lake

Today should have been an easy day. Only 10 miles, no passes… Still we had to descend and climb quite a bit. Soon after we left camp, we reached the Bighorn Plateau, which I’ve been curious for since I hit the trail. Kind of a surreal landscape!!! Descending through a pine forest (and again a forest that had a totally diferent “character” than the forests I crossed before) we ate lunch shortely before the crabtree junction…. After that we only had a few miles to go but DAMN that felt hard. As I was passing Timberline Lake I was like: “Now where is that fuckin’ guitar????” Haha! Yet we saw Mount Whitney rising up in front of us!!!

Wow! I’ll be on top of that mountain tomorrow!!!!
Finally we reached Guitar Lake and found the coolest campspot, having both an amazing view on Guitar Lake as well as on Whitney, hidden from the wind and perfect for hitting that wonderfull mountain tomorrow!
We spend the evening sitting around camp, playing the ukulele, enjoying the beautiful sunset, yet also being quite melancholic about our last trail evening. We went to bed early as we planned to get up at 12am (a bit too early if you ask me but hell… better than being late) to hit WHITNEYYYYYYYYY!

The Bighorn Plateau

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