• Number of days on trail: 25
  • Number of rainy days: really actually just 1, and then it wasn’t just rain but hail too.
  • Longest day: 16 miles (eh right, definitely am no fastpacker)
  • Shortest day: 6 miles
  • Number of time I fell: 3 times
  • Number of days with a hurting knee: 25
  • Number of bears spotted: 3 (eh yeah… on freakin’ day 1!!!)
  • Number of mountain lions spend the night with: 1 (eh yeah… on freakin’ day 2!!!)
  • Number of PCTthru-hikers met: 1 (that’s right, that’s you Bobcat ;c)
  • Number of zero days: 0
  • Number of times I took a bath: 1 (in the hot springs at MTR)
  • Number of showers: 0 (hell yeah!)
  • Number of times swimming in lakes/streams: 5
  • Number of deer spotted: uncountable

  •  Number of times I lost the trail: 1 (backtracking only to find out I was right after all)
  • Number of days I went hungry: 25
  • Number of days I went really really hungry:3
  • Numbers of days I hated oatmeal: 20
  • Number of kilos lost: too much as in the end the belt of my backpack got too big
  • Number of amazing people met on the trail: uncountable
  • Number of coyotes spotted: 1 (but heard a ton more)
  • Number of chipmunks, squirrels, pikas and marmots spotted: uncountable

  • Number of blisters: ZEROOOOO (damn right!!!! :c)
  • Number of days I regretted taking my ukulele along: 0
  • Number of days food was the only conversation topic: about 4
  • Number of water colors painted along the trail: 7
  • Number of burgers eaten: 3
  • Number of days craving for milkshake: 15
  • Number of bear hangs: 0 (everything fitted perfectly into my Bearikade Expedition)
  • Number of times of unwillingly slipping into a stream: 1 (eh yeah, the last day, just before getting to Whitney Portal damn)
  • Number of days with dirty hands and dirty feet: 25

  • Number of songs written while on trail: one and a half (haha the rest is coming now, I need time to process ;c)
  • Number of times I wanted to quit: 1 (that was when I was trapped in my tent by the mountain lion)
  • Number of times I thought I was gonna die: uncountable (in one single night)
  • Number of trees hugged: Uncountable

  • Number of times I froze my ass of: 1 (on Mount Whitney!)
  • Number of times I thanked the universe for all that beauty: each single day: uncountable!!!!!
  • Day I decided I’m defininetely gonna hike the PCT: Day 10
  • Most special social experience on trail: Trail magic on friday the 13th!!! AND MY RESCUERS!
  • Number of campfire evenings: quite a bit, yet only where allowed: must have been 6 or 7
  • Number of time dancing on passes: 1 (on Forester: celebrating my first 4000m pass :c)
  • Number of days I was convinced my eyes were seeing the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen: 25
Picture by John aka Smoky

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