During my JMT Thru-hike I did a bit of water colors in my journal… Nothing fancy, but just for the fun of it. I am no Kolby Kirk (check his journals, he is absolutely AMAZING!), that’s for sure… But I enjoyed painting so much (even when I’m not too good at it… who cares ;c) when I had a longer lunchbreak or I got to camp early… That wasn’t all too often, but still…. When I’m hiking the PCT I’m definitely taking my mini water color set along!


3 thoughts on “JMT Journaling

  1. Cat,
    Thanks for posting. They are great! You have inspired me to start sketching now to get ready for my JMT hike this summer. I might even have to take a water color class before I leave. I can't wait to follow you on the PCT in the future. Hike ON!


  2. Hi Jason! Happy you liked them!!! Yeah definitely do that! It's great to sit and paint along the trail!!! Have fun on your JMT! The Sierra is absolutely beautiful and amazing!!! Happy trails!!!


  3. OK Cat! I’m going back to my suggestion of you publishing a trail journal with your artwork as a backdrop on some pages. You said you’d need to get better…I’m saying NO WAY! These types of pictures are perfect!

    Here’s my idea to get you started… Begin with a JMT trail journal. You can have images on some of the pages to reflect highlights of the trail. Things like Half Dome, Thousand Island Lake, Tuolumne Meadows etc. Then you can just have random scenes and quotes that inspire thought and reflection as hikers hike the days away. Not every page needs an image, they can be sprinkled throughout. Are you in?! I knew you would be!

    Here’s all I ask…I get to buy the first signed copy and also get one of your hand made beanies after you make a bazillion dollars from this idea! (Bazillion is an American currency…I’m not sure how that translates into Euros! 😉 )

    But wait, there’s more! Imagine what you will come back from the PCT with! Quit your day job and start creating! Yep…you have a winner with this! 🙂

    Liebevoll Grüße
    (Did I get that right? A friend of mine in Germany signed off that way)


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