He said "You’re crazy!" … I happily confirmed!

Allrightyyyy… Last week the hikingseason 2014 started! Even though my knee ain’t better I really wanna get in shape again cuz 2014 is gonna be a hell of a hikingyear… Climbing the Teide and crossing Teneriffa, hiking through Sarek NP in Sweden or the Tour du Mont Blanc in France and hopefully hitting the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand by the end of the year. Along with getting in shape it’s all about gear testing and just being outdoors… enjoying nature, connecting with the land, feeling Mother Earth beneath my two small feet. I call myself lucky living in the middle of the woods. I just have to grab my backpack and go. Leave the daily routine behind, come back to my senses, remember what life is about… It’s funny cuz when I’m in my tiny cuddly warm home I sometimes (eh yeah that’s an understatement) have to give myself a decent kick in the ass before that same ass is willing to move away from the comfy sofa…

Yet once I’m out there I’m like: Jeeee this is soooo much better!!! So that’s what happened… I gave myself a decent kick up my butt and finally started sectionhiking the longdistance trails that kinda cross my backyard: The Rheinhöhenweg (which is a part of the E3, a European longdistance trail starting in Istanbul and ending in West-spain) and the Rheinsteig (a middistance trail between Wiesbaden and Bonn). Both trails mainly follow the course of the Rhine, crossing woods, vineyards and offering amazing views over the river.

1 TT Notch, 2 Neoairs, 1 sleepingbag: Warm? Yes! Comfy? Nooo!

Last week we decided to put the Tarptent Notch to a small test… Hm I must admit it really wasn’t all that fair, testing whether my beloved 1-person-tent would take two persons inside… Without the inner lining it surely wouldn’t have been a problem but I wanted to check whether two people fit inside the inner lining and have a good night’s sleep or not… The answers are: Yes, 2 people fit inside… and… No, they don’t have a good night’s sleep… hahaha! I guess we won’t take the Notch out on the Te Araroa and the Pacific Crest Trail then…. Poor Notch!

Besides misusing the Notch (I’m so sorry Notch, I’ll never ever do it again!) and trying out the “just-take-one-sleeping-bag-for-two-persons”thing (that worked out great btw!) we tested the Bushbuddy stove in wet conditions… We had collected resin as a firestarter along the trail, still it took us quite some time to prepare our gourmet dinner of tomato soup, noodles with spinach-cheese sauce and cookies for dessert… The fire wasn’t burning smokefree and we had to relight it a few times till dinner was ready… Yet the build-in  red-wine-heater-function definitely was convincing… Eh yeah… Na I think next time I’ll take the Jetboil… When I’m done hiking I want food… And I want it fast… The Bushbuddy is pretty cool but also pretty… o well I wouldn’t say slow… but… o hell… I’m just fucking lazy!!!

Yesterday we headed out to search for the first snow of the season. Out of my livingroom I have a great look up the valley and the hills and in a “far” distance I could see the trees being white… So we decided to check that out and along the same two trails we made our way up. After about half an hour we reached the snow line. I had put on my new Montane Featherlite pants with a pair of Patagonia Cap 4 leggings underneath to check whether that’d be a good lightweight combo for the winter or not. Jihaaa it is it is it is!!! I felt comfortable all the way. No too cold, not too warm… perfect! Hm ok in terms of good looking…eh… they’re not really flattering… But I don’t care too much about that so I think I might really get  to love these windpants :c) The cool thing is (which unfortunately does make any figure look pretty shitty) the fact that you can adjust the width of the legs, so that the fabric doesn’t rub. That’s pretty cool cuz they don’t get dirty that fast and you don’t have that annoying noise of rubbing synthetic fabric. Not sure yet how they’ll feel on the skin with just shorts underneath… That I’ll put to the test in summer ;c)
Oh by the way… I finally went to see  a doc (eh yeah had to be dragged there) about my kneeinjury…  He couldn’t say too much about my knee yet (gotta get an MRT) but after hearing about hiking, the JMT, the PCT,… he said: “You are crazy!” I decided to take that as a compliment hahaha!!!

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