Wuhuuu! I am proud to announce: I QUIT MY JOB!!! Again! Am I crazy? Yes! Does it feel good? Yes! What are you gonna do now? What I love! Things can’t change if you don’t start making changes, right?  Last monday I was on my way to work when all of a sudden a feeling came over me like “I really don’t wanna do this anymore”, it was like a heavy load pushing on my chest. I managed to stay on that job for 6 months, whoops… I’m just not made for that “normal life thing”! I feel trapped and caged, it restricts me and kills my creativity!
I remember the words that came to my mind when I was hiking last summer.  As long as I feel trapped in a normal job, I just can’t be me…

Not to be tamed
Not to be caught
Not to be caged
I am like a fire
like hot burning flames
I am what should be
set out to be free
I’m not to be kept
in one place to stay
I’m not a hunter and 
I’m not a prey
I’m raw like a wolf, like a bear, like a shark
I’m like a cat with eyes in the dark
Don’t come too close
Don’t hold for too long
I’m ready to bite
I’m ready to fight
I’m not to be tamed

So what I’m gonna do is: Fly to Teneriffa on saturday, hike across the island and climb the Teide next week, come back and start having the guts to really live my life the way I want it. How I’m gonna make a living? Get more involved in our wilderness school, try to start giving courses in lightweight backpacking, let my creativity grow again (I have a tiny brand called “Helenmade” under which I make and sell hats, jewelry, felted stuff,… ), write songs,… 


2 thoughts on “Oops I did it again!

  1. “The rules for being amazing – by Robin Sharma: Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be strong. Show courage. Breathe. Excel. Love. Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. Adore mastery. Release mediocrity. Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than expected. Deliver more than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others. Dream big but start small. Act now. Don’t stop. Change the world.”

    O o o… I still have a looong way to go!!! And I could continue the list: Dare to be vulnerable. Have a big heart. Smile to people. Choose the road less travelled. Take advice from your grandparents. Don’t be afraid to stand still sometimes. Wake up and see the world like as if everything is new. BE GRATEFUL! … … …


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