Today me, myself, I and my ego went for a walk. In fact it was just me, myself and I walking. My ego was, as always, sitting on one of my shoulders, just riding along, commenting on each thought coming to my mind.

“So you’re gonna hike the PCT?” my ego asked.
“Yeah, I’m gonna hike the PCT,” I said.
“Wow you’re frikking awesome!” ego said.
And I was like: “Na, I don’t know.”
While we were walking, our conversation kept on going…
This is how it went:
Ego: “You’re special.”
Cat: “O shut up!”
E: “Not everyone hikes from Mexico to Canada!”
C: “I’m just walking.”
E: “But you’re walking more than 2000 fucking miles.”
C: “Yeah, well, I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it.”
E: “You’re badass girl!”
C: “hm”
E: “O come on, you’re a star!”
C: “I’m not even half a star!”
E: “I’m coming with you. If you’re not gonna shine I frikkin am!”
C: “O ego, could you like please just shut up, just for one sec?!”
E: “Jee, don’t ruin all the fun here. It’s my chance to get attention!!!”
C: “Attention for what ego?”
E: “For being so fucking tough, walking to Canada!”
C: “It’s not you hiking ego, you’re just riding along, as always. My feet are gonna do this.”
E: “Really girl, you’re gonna ruin this for me?”
C: “I don’t know ego, I’m not sure I wanna carry you on my shoulder. After all my base pack weight should be under 10lbs. There’s no room for you!”
E: “Fuck lightweight backpacking! Why can’t you be rich and famous? I’d be getting so much more attention!”

C: “I’m sorry Ego.”

E: “Really? Really? What about the Triple Crown??? Don’t you wanna be a queen?”
C: “Hm”
E: “I heard it’s made of gold! You could sell it, and then become rich and I’d be famous!”
C: “Ego, that’s not what it is about!”
E: “So what is it about then? You tell me!”
C: “It’s about doing what I love, feeling at home in nature, being the best me I could possibly be”
E: “O cut that crap girl, you should wear glitter shoes on trail!”
C: “No thanks, I think I’m pretty happy with my Cascadias.”
E: “Jee, you’re such a bore Cat!”
C: “Fine, if you say so.”
E: “Fine, I’m so done with you!”
C: “Fine, then please leave, I don’t wanna carry you to Canada anyway, you lazy fucker!”
E: “You calling me a fucker?”
C: “Yeah fucker, fuck off!”
E: “Right, that’s it, I’m not putting up with this shit!!!”
C: “Great. Have a nice life ego. Go walk some red carpets!”
E: “Fine. But don’t you come running back to me when I’m a shining star in Hollywood.”
C: “I rather run some dirty trails.”
E: “Hey Cat, did I tell you you do have beautiful eyes?”
C: “O ego, just shut the fuck up!!!”
So yeah, that was our conversation. We made a deal now. Ego is moving to Hollywood, while I’m gonna try to walk the Pacific Crest Trail. No speedhiking, no fastpacking, no yoyo, no nothing… just me… walking…

6 thoughts on “A walk with my ego

  1. Martin: It was so funny reading this, I smiled every single word. 🙂
    Ego: Oh, come one…that's not about fun, it's about being famous and awesome.
    M: What are you doing here? I thought you stayed at the end of the world in Spain?
    E: Yeah, but it got kinda boring. Rescuing people like David Hasselhoff out of the sea is not the holy grail. So, what do we do now?
    M: Nothing, go away, I don't need you. There was a time I like being around you, but the time is over, capiche?
    E: Don't be mad, I don't need you either. Maybe I elope with another ego and be like Elvis in Vegas.
    M: I won't stop you.
    E: Do you know, you look like an angel?
    M: A little less conversation, please.

    Have fun on PCT. When is it going to happen?


  2. Love, love, love this! (And a fun read too!) I think you captured what it’s about beautifully in one of your responses… “It’s about doing what I love, feeling at home in nature, being the best me I could possibly be.” Doing it with a few good people is the icing on the cake.

    I wouldn’t want to ad fuel to that noisy ego, but since your ego is getting dropped off in Hollywood (a great spot for it to hang out while you get on to more important things!) I will say that anyone who does a thru hike IS badass!! 🙂

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