When I hiked the John Muir Trail in the Summer of 2013 just as often as I would pass JMT signs I would pass PCT signs. Mexico that way, Canada the other way. And when I ended my hike on the top of Mount Whitney a tear passed my smile finding its way back to the rocky strong mountain beneath me, happy I made it to Whitney, sad I couldn’t continue hiking. I would have loved hiking on to a border, no matter which one.

It was on day 10 on the JMT that I wrote in my journal: I WANNA DO THE PCT. The closer I got to Whitney, the more I knew: 2015 is gonna be the year. So since that moment there’s been this line in my head, these words, these numbers: PCT 2015!!!!!!!!!! Just 3 letters, just 4 numbers, and still… so much more than that! 
I’ve been dreaming of hiking the PCT for ages. I can’t even remember when I first heard of it. But it always seemed something distant, something unreachable, something too far overseas, too far past my own physical possibilities. It was when I set my first step on the JMT that I knew I was able to do this. It is on this trust that I gained in that very moment that I build, cause right now, I’m frikkin’ scared and humble, kinda afraid that that long way to Canada is too much, too long, too hard for me. After all I’m nothing special, I’m just a girl (well I’m probably a woman now, being 32, right) trying to live her life to the fullest, I haven’t done great things, haven’t moved mountains. But I have big dreams and crazy thoughts and wishes that reach to the moon and back. When I was 8 my dream was to climb Mount Everest. I haven’t reached that goal and my dreams kinda changed, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that I dream big :c) 
When I came back from the JMT at the end of September 2013 I thought I wouldn’t survive all that time till April 2015. I felt I needed to go back to those places where I was so alive and so happy as soon as possible. It’s been a battle really, between trying to stay in one place for a while, trying to build a home, and the longing for breaking out, for feeling free again again again.
It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but ain’t life always like that? I now am happy that I will hit the trail in 2015, because that means it isn’t over yet, the story only just begins.
So here we go! The story begins. 
Now where do we get started? Right, that’s a good question to ask. The answer is the story started a long time ago, in my heart. But 5 months prior to my hike my heart alone won’t do. 
You guessed it right, it’s time to start training! How? O well, I’m taking it easy but still I do everything I can on foot. My car is parked half an hour away from our tiny home (mainly because there’s no real road driving down here and because we don’t want anyone to know we live here), I go grocery shopping on foot, go jogging, hike longer training hikes, do some general workout,… I’m not training like as if I have to run the Berlin marathon again, but I’m doing all I can to get fit and in the same time enjoy the quiet season! 
PCT 2015!!!!!!!! I’M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since we don’t have bears here, I’m playing the bear-role on my training hikes :cP
I’m not a wolf in a sheepskin, I’m a cat in a bearskin. I think I know which one is more dangerous ;c)

4 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail. And so the story begins!

  1. So excited for your journey, it's making me miss thru-hiking! I had really hoped this year would be my year too but it's looking more and more like I'll have to succumb to the working world for a while longer. *sigh* But if that happens, I'll be eagerly following your adventure the whole way!


  2. Jaxx, I hope it works out for you somehow someway. The good thing is the trail will wait for you! So whether you're gonna hike 2015 or 2016, the trail is there, waiting to feel your footsteps, waiting to hold your dreams, your challenges, your thru hike! Good luck girl! You're gonna rock, no matter what you do ;c)


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