I’ve been selfemployed in our wilderness school for quite some time now. But the last course was special. We normally teach wilderness- and survival skills like how to build a weatherproof shelter, how to track animals, birdlanguage and art of mentoring.  This time though I got to teach my favorite subject: lightweight backpacking!!! As expected I had a blast! Talking about and sharing my passion for 3 days is pretty cool. Themes covered were: Introduction in Lightweight Backpacking (background, history), Base Pack Weight, tips and tricks for going lighter, gear, orientation with maps and compass, treating water, different cook systems, sleep systems, knots, pitching tarps, LNT,… As pictures say more than a thousand words, here are some impressions:

Learning how to orientate with map and compass
Trying out all different types of water treatment
How to use Aquamira
Testing the Sawyer squeeze
Introducing and testing different stoves and fuels. When to take what?
Can you find the wild boar?
Making a lightweight alcohol stove
Who says stoves can’t come in girly colors? Love this purple one Renate made!!!
The selfmade stoves worked out great!
Knots and tarp in theory… are nothing without practice…
Pitching a tarp for the first time
Trying out different set ups
Gear junkie?
Checking the maps

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