I’ve been sharing it on Facebook but then hey I realised I haven’t written about it here… I’m participating with MY YAMA ADVENTURE. Hell yesssss!!!

I applied somewhere in the beginning of November after a friend  (Thanks so much Ligia!!!) told me I should give it a go. I actually hadn’t applied yet because I was worried not to be able to raise $2000. But then April convinced me (Thanks so much to you too April!!!) and soooo…. here I am!!!

When I got the email from Gen from Yama mountain gear, I was like: eh? really? really!!! WOWWWW! And then I reread the email to make sure I read it right. But yes it was an invitation to participate! Fuck YEAHHHH!
Yep you can imagine me in our tiny cabin, not much space left actually, dancing in the little space available. Between the table and the drawers.

So for those who don’t know mYAMAdventure let me tell you what it’s about. Gen from Yama Mountain Gear started the program, helping aspiring longdistance hikers to hike the PCT. The program consists of sponsorship and mentorship (from the coolest and most exprienced hikers in the long distance hiking scene!) and as a way of giving back the hikers raise money for the Pacific Crest Trail Association! So yeah if you like my blog, if you like the PCT, if you like this amazing earth we all live on, please click on the donate-button you can find in the right menu. The money will go to the PCTA, who maintains the trail, preserves the wilderness and stands up for the beautiful land and wildlife!!! Really I never ask anything for myself, but if you wanna make me happy, just donate. It doesn’t have to be much. I understand. I don’t have much of my own. Still even little bits will make a difference!

Last year I followed Bearclaw’s and Bloody Mary’s journey on the PCT. They both had an awesome journey and were a real inspiration. I can’t believe I’m one of the lucky ones in 2015!

So here we go. This is getting real. Only 5 more months and I’ll be hitting the trail! I frikkin CAN’T WAIT! 
You’re all welcome to follow along. 
As always it’s gonna be an up and down. 
Trail… life… it’s all happening inbetween valleys and mountain tops!
Love and THANK YOU to everyone who’s supporting me!

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