Thank YOU!!!

A short but very important blog entry in which the two most important words are THANK YOU!
Thank you to everyone who got in touch with me after my call for help. You have no idea how much your support means to me! All the messages have been heartwarming. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, each single one touched my heart.
So while I haven’t got a lot of cool training and hiking pictures to share right now (don’t worry, that’s gonna change as soon as I’m on trail), I still can share what is in my heart. I feel grateful and blessed, that I can still chase my dream and that so many people support me. You all rock!!! I won’t give up the fight. Life is beautiful!!!
Love, Cat


4 thoughts on “Thank YOU!!!

  1. Cat, the adventure you call life is epic! You are blessed with many gifts, and your tough as nails, never give up attitude will ensure you always achieve exceptional things. Life has delivered what could be a show stopper for some, but for you it’s just another challenge that you’ve taken in your stride. You have a world of support behind you, which I hope will provide some comfort in those dark moments. Everyone’s PCT journey is unique and special, regardless of hiking every mile. It’s about what you take from the experience that really matters. You have, and you will continue to motivate and inspires those who follow you. So a big thank you to you! You’re a true star!

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