‘Murica here I come!

Holy frikkin moly! We’re off!!! Well… almost!!! Tomorrow we’ll fly to LA and we’ll spend the next few days with Joe (aka Sababa) in Santa Barbara before we head down to San Diego and Campo.
Today was a crazy day at my parents place in Belgium. Getting your stuff together for the next 6 months in just one day is kinda nerve wracking, as is trying to fit a tandem bike into a normal bike box. Boy o boy. But we managed to get it all done, and I even had time to get in the tubb and get clean… Something that ain’t gonna happen much in the next 6 months (not that it happens much in daily life, we only have the cold creek next to our tiny cabin haha).

I can’t believe this actually happening. The last two months have been so crazy, filled with hospitals and doctors and work. And now time has come… finally. I’ve been longing sooo much for the last 1,5 years, and then one month before leaving everything got messed up, shattered, and I had to alter and rebuild my dream in just 4 weeks. It’s still hard and in a way I don’t realize I won’t be able to thruhike, but we’re gonna make the best out of it. That’s the only way to deal with this! Make the best out of it and live life to the fullest! Even with hips that don’t work the way they should (at all).

Now before I leave, I wanna introduce you to my partners in crime, my “let’s do some shit together”-buddies, my over the top gearjunkies, my hikertrash, who I’m gonna hit the PCT with.

First there’s Daniel. 34 years of daring adventures and living dreams. Biked all over America and Australia. Founder of our wilderness school. Bad ass. Secretly dreaming of the trailname “Yoda”. But I told him that ain’t gonna happen (I know… I’m mean). No one can even get close to being Yoda. And I got a feeling that Daniel won’t be pleased with a trailname like “Wannabe Yoda”, so we’ll have to let the trail sort that out for him. May the force be with you dear!
You can follow him at: http://www.towardnatureadventure.wordpress.com and http://www.instagram.com/towardnatureadventurejumpingjackdanielabovelacdedix

Then there’s Joe aka Sababa. Coolest kid on the block. We hiked most parts of the JMT and summited Mt. Whitney together. Always up for a crazy adventure. You name it, Sababa is in. Hell yeah! How can you follow Sababa on trail? By tracing his steps and using the spare space in his tent. I think he might prefer a hot hiker chick. Sababa

Number three is the toughest girl on the west coast. Well that’s what I call her, and yes I think she is. My awesome resupply girl Lindsey, who I hiked a part of the JMT with. She’s a crazy athlete and runs faster than almost anyone in California. This girl rocks to the moon and back!!! Apart from being my resupply person I hope she will hike through the Sierra with us and complete her JMT.toughest girl on the west coast

So this is it! This is happening! This is real! What??? Fuck yeah!
‘Murrrricaaa here I come!!!

Love, Cat

PS: You’re all very welcome to follow along. And you always make me happy with a positive (no need for negativity on my website!) comment or an encouraging message. O yeah and PLEASE help me reach my goal of raising $2000 for the PCTA. Each donation, so yours too, makes a difference!!! You can help me by clicking on “donate” somewhere to the right of this post here ;c)

8 thoughts on “‘Murica here I come!

  1. Go, go, go Helen en Daniël! Geniet van de vrijheid, wijdsheid, schoonheid. Beleef elke minuut ten volle. Maar dat doen jullie daar ben ik zeker van! Je jaagt je dromen na, Helen, ondanks alles en dat is wat ik zo ontzettend in jou bewonder!

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